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Posted by bear 12 years ago, closed 12 years ago
great songs!
bear: I listened to all the songs twice! oh except neneh cherry cause i've heard that song at least 50 times
bear: ok who voted for their own nomination?!
AB: Not I...  
Man Man rocks!
cornpone: i didn't.
pneum0nic: me too, so minus one for mine, too.
just asking
bear: it's ok to vote for your own thing!
pneum0nic: I want to change my vote! Take one from Grinderman & give it to Scissors for Lefty...
bear: hhaa if I edit the poll all votes will be lost
FoolProof: I think he means you should take that into account when examining the results. Editing the poll wouldn't accomplish anything.
bear: woot! we have a winner, mojo by peeping tom!  
misycarrot suggested and now she should post a link to peeping tom and since she won the contest we will vote her accordingly.  
I personally loved the man man song and I'm very glad that cornpone suggested it cause this is the type of new music I am looking for.  
What do you guys think?
bear: I'm sure she was screwed over quite a bit back in the day so she's used to it