If I opened a Cafe Press store to sell T-shirts that said "Democrats are Chaotic Good, Republicans are Lawful Evil", would anyone buy one?
Posted by PAgent 12 years ago, closed 12 years ago
Yes, I would.
Yes, I'm sure SOMEONE would.
I doubt it.
If you do, the GOP will take you down.
PAgent: It is done.  
PAgent's store is open, with one little 'ol product.
darkstar: I dig the slogan, but the design needs more pizazz than just plain text on a white background!  
/me considers billing PAgent for his design advice...  
PAgent: Consider the following:  
A) It has to work with a variety of shirt designs and shirt colors;  
B) The humor is inherently verbal, rather than visual;  
C) I have no idea how to do anything more complicated in GIMP
crataegus: I ran this past a cow orker. I was informed by a gamer that it's too geeky. Of course, they play World of Warcraft, so I don't think their opinion counts.
I can verify that it's too geeky.