What is the most you would ever pay for a meal in a fine restaurant? (Per person, not including wine or cocktails)
Other: please comment.
lagbnaft: The most I have paid is around $200 pp accept one time. We went to a private sushi party here in Dallas and our bill for two was a little over $900.
FoolProof: /me slaps some lower-class-upbringing sense into lag.  
pdxpogo: where you are doesn't it? A first class place in Paris or Tokyo is going to set you back more than $200 per person.  
Of course it has to be in the budget.
smith: Well, the question isn't what *have* you paid, it's what *would* you pay. So, it really depends on the person answering the poll what their topmost limit is. I would assume that they would consider their budget and current locale themselves.
lagbnaft: OK, I see your point. My limit would only be stopped by the budget I had set at the time. I would pay most any price if I were to be convinced the meal I was going to eat would be worth it.
smith: Actually, that comment was directed at pdxpogo's. I thought you explained yourself well.  
I don't know if I'd pay that much for sushi, but there are other meals I'd shell out for.
I would pay what they charge for the tasting menu at The French Laundry.
smith: Then you'd be paying $175 dollars for the meal without wine. Of course for $250 you could upgrade to Thomas Keller's restaurant Per Se.  
Eating at the French Laundry is also a goal of mine.