PAgent is getting close to finishing 'Twilight Princess', but he hasn't done all the side-quests and mini-games. Should he:
Posted by PAgent 12 years ago, closed 12 years ago
Just finish the damn game.
Delay the Final Battle until he has completed EVERYTHING else.
AB: Finish it w/o sidequests first, AND THEN go back later on and do all those sidequests.
make sure that, if you finish it, you'll still have the chance to go back and do the rest of the stuff. Save yourself a backup game and then go for it.
chalkie: i agree with abflex and snowball 2. i'm terrible at playing games until the very last chapter, only to then complete all the side quests and lose all interest, without ever finishing the game.  
i only finished FF VII, with all possible side quests completed.  
the ones i didn't finish include FFVIII, FFX, Disgaea II, Dragon Quest VIII, FF Tactics, the list goes on and on...  
AB: abflex sez: Ditto on VIII ;)