Ideally, how many kids would you like to have?
One is Fun
Two's company
Three's a charm
Four for me
Party of Five
A cool Half Dozen
Seventh Heaven
Eight is enough
More...comment below.
Not too many because
AB: No marriage, no kids, just teh AB.  
I find this is a rather isolated viewpoint, since every school peer I talk to about the issue of marriage and whatnot (sidenote: I never expect the conversations to start, but they always do, somehow) has already decided they want to marry, have lots of kids, and then die.  
To me, marriage is as unappealing a concept as furry pr0n. I see no point in even starting a relationship, except for the carnal pleasures of sex. Even that, imo, is not worth getting married to someone FO-EVAH! This is one reason why I've never had a girlfriend: I've never cared. The other is prolly the fact that there are barely any girls in my life (at school, church, neighborhod, etc.)  
My dad tells me my opinions about love and marriage will change, but, um, I doubt it. With almost all my friends having already had sex and drawn out plans for marriage, I'm in no rush to catch up to the teenage "norm" of the age.  
/me sits back and enjoys his anomalousness.
FoolProof: "To me, marriage is as unappealing a concept as furry pr0n."  
In the event you ever do get married...  
...what kind of animal will you be dressed as?
SpearmintFur: My money is a giant cat, kinda like his avatar.
shigpit: AB, AB, AB. First of all, you haven't even graduated high school. So you have no idea that in less than 10 years chances are you're going to meet 'that special someone' who thinks exactly the same as you do. And you'll wind up wanting to have kids for four reasons:  
1) to make sure the plumbing really works.  
2) to see if they really DO look like you.  
3) to have your own spawn that you can boss around.  
4) to make your parents less pissed off at you for sexin' the special someone who thinks exactly the same as you do.  
I know people that got engaged the weekend of high school graduation. More power to 'em. Not me, mind you. The girls in my high school were icky.
Mac: Those 4 reasons are interesting, but not nearly as important as the primary reason to have kids:  
-To fetch me beer from the basement refrigerator...on command.
PAgent: Shiggy forgot the most important reason:  
To supply a 24 hour a day stress test to your system, for approximately 18 years.  
After all, you want to make sure your circulatory system can handle those surges in pressure, and that you won't burst any blood vessels in your throat from screaming.