How Clean Is Your Home?
Posted by PAgent 12 years ago, closed 12 years ago
It's a pig sty. Honestly, between the clutter and the filth, it's a health hazard.
It's really messy. I'm embarrassed to let anyone see it.
Okay, it's cluttered, but not really dirty. I could clean it up pretty quickly if I had to.
It looks 'lived in', but it's basically clean.
Clean. I hate clutter, and everything is in its place, as always.
Antiseptic. I can't help myself. There are germs everywhere. Take your shoes off before you come in.
jtown: Currently antiseptic, moving back towards clean. Just had a roommate move out so we brought in a professional to clean the common area. The rug was the only thing that really needed attention but we had the whole place cleaned. When I came home that night, I was afraid to touch anything. It's all so clean.
it's a mess
johnny2000: few people will ever see it ...