How Cute Is/Are Your Pet(s)
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No Way
Let's See Some Picutures!
Post Pics!
FuzzyDave: Unless your pet is a cat.  
Cats are fuckers.
fb-: Lowtide.  
darkstar: Worthy feline!
crataegus: My snails are tres kawaii.
testicle: And a cute story from 5 minutes ago. My sister and her boyfriend were sitting outside waiting for a friend, and Rufus was whining at the window.  
So I pulled a chair up for him and let him climb onto the windowsill, and he was happy. He came back and sat with me after they left, and I noticed his cheeks were wet from crying.
Sade turned 14 Oct. 31.
Ivan the Terrier
Fischer's the cutest dog ever
vinfille: In my mind, anyway.  
darkstar: Quite the dapper gentledog.