Cheese and ___________
I'm beginning to question your food pairing polls.
vinfille: Wine, of course.
shigpit: Ditto that.
Schauspieler: Well, there is no rhyme nor reason to my polls tonight
vinfille: Schaus, we need to have you over and do some serious cuisine adjusting. Call me next time you're in the area, and we'll start gourmetherapy.
crataegus: One day back in SC would undo all of your work.
Schauspieler: You know, just because I make a couple silly polls, one in which I'm making a Ween referance, doesn't mean I know nothing of food. I'm actually quite the cook, and I am aware of wine and cheese, and how for some reason thay pair nicely.
vinfille: I disagree- I think we can whip up some good SC food'n'wine er.. booze pairings. Benne wafers and bourbon would be jus' fine with me. As would BBQ and Blenheim gingerale.
crataegus: Muscadine wine and country fried steak with milk gravy and grilled squash...
Mac: Grits 'n Mad Dog
SpearmintFur: I have always thought  
in the back of my mind  
Cheese and onions  
I have always thought  
that the world was unkind  
Cheese and onions  
Do I have to spell it out?  
Man and machine  
Keep yourself clean  
or be a has-been  
like a dinosaur  
Got a device  
For everything nice  
You better think twice  
at least once more  
(repeats, fades)