You Must Choose:
Posted by PAgent 12 years ago, closed 12 years ago
Trapped for six months on a desert island alone with a vegan, militant athiest, PETA member.
Trapped for six months on a desert island alone with an enthusiastic and outspoken evangelical Christian.
PAgent: My apologies for the crude spelling of 'atheist'.
I voted vegan
they taste better.
darkstar: No way, dude.  
Plump, well-marbled Christian flesh can't be beaten by any of that tough, stringy Vegan meat.  
Especially if you get a nice, grilled evangelical ribeye, with a side of veggies hopefully found on the desert island.  
/me prays for shallots.
Hey, this is just like real life, only realer
DodgyKnees the Cynic: There is nothing worse in this world, and I speak from first-hand personal experience here, than being stuck anywhere with christians. Any length of time is too long for that kind of mental torment.
lagbnaft: /me prays for some time with DodgyKnees the Cynic...  
DodgyKnees the Cynic: Thanks mate, I feel all kind of...  
Hugh2d2: What's the difference between a charging rhino and a fundamental christian?  
You can reason with the rhino.