Ever seen something in the urinal that you couldn't identify?
Posted by thatmikeykid 12 years ago, closed 12 years ago
Yup. (comment?)
I don't pee in urinals.
thatmikeykid: For the last three days, there's been this strange cunky blackish (with some white stuff around the ediges) thing stuck to the little urinal cake holder thing. The gum and things are cleaned away ever day but this stays. It's not a cigarette butt, I'm sure of it.
I answered no, but;
crustacean: the thing that I identified, that bothered me was a face in a urinal cake.  
No, no; it wasn't jeebus or mary, it was the face of a local crackhead we kept kicking out of the bar. Some joker had embedded a pic of him in the urinal cake by slicing or melting it, somehow. It was a thing of transformative power, though, like a relic.
Not IN the urinal...
shigpit: ... but next to a urinal one day someone wiped a large booger on the wall.  
This was three weeks ago.  
It's still there.  
I don't use that bathroom much anymore.