The PAgent girlchild is having a sleepover tonight with six other 5th grade girls; PAgent should:
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Hide in his bedroom and play Nintendo DS
Hide in the brewpub and eat hot wings
Take his son out of the house to avoid potential cootie crossover
Stay home and take pains to remain friendly and visible, as a supportive male authority figure
at 5th grade
pdxpogo: give the ladies their space. Then scare the bejeebus out of them and have a giggle.
ginmonkey: If you can, get in the bar!  
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vinfille: How did it go? Mrs. PAGent survive?
PAgent: It went fine. Almost all the girls were comfortable in our house and knew their way around already. They stayed up late watching 'Garfield 2' and talked until the wee hours.  
The boy ended up feeling quite left out, mostly because he was. The other girls kept telling our daughter how nice her brother was, which kind of freaked her out. But she has no idea what a truly obnoxious sibling could be like.  
The wife and I slept horribly, though, partly because one of the girls was getting picked up at 7:30, so we kept waking up to look at the clock. All night.