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FoolProof: Being a scientist at heart I took this opportunity to be scientiffical. I brought up this pic (below) and held my cat up to the screen. I asked who she'd vote for. She looked a me like a goddamned idiot. What does this prove? Cats are Libertarians.  
My dog has no party affiliation that I know of, but I know for a fact that, given the chance, she would vote for Ross Perot. I don't know why, but she just loved that guy. She used to sit and stare at the TV whenever he was on, back in the day. To this day, if you get her attention and say, "Ross Perot," she will perk up her ears and look at you like you've said something monumentally interesting. Sometimes she'll get excited and do a little dance about it.  
She's kind of a weird dog.
darkstar: Reform puppies are so cute!
johnny2000: are on the libertarian left imho, you can't train them like dogs, they got their own free will - meowww !
LowFlyingMule: my cat is an independent.