Are you happy with your current ISP?
Posted by webhead 13 years ago, closed 13 years ago
deathburger: Don't you have to call during dinner to ask that question?
webhead: No, I can call anytime!
My ISP...
webhead: Is really annoying! To make a long story shourt, they don't understand customer service, and they don't ever answer their phone.
deathburger: Look around. We located a semi local ISP that's very reliable and helpful. The DSL speed isn't the absolute fastest (up to 768K IIRC) but we're also not paying in blood for it.  
Prior to that we had Charter's cable internet service, and every other week the damned thing would stop working. Calls to them were unhelpful, as they wouldn't even admit there was a problem.
webhead: I've called another ISP, and tried to get them to come for a site survey, (we're using wireless, and we probably don't see their towers,) but they never called or showed up.
BIGHard: I'm my own ISP :)