I Want :
Posted by reapre 13 years ago, closed 13 years ago
A solid gold Harley with machineguns on the front
A Motley Crue lunchbox filled with sticky buns
A time machine and a BB gun
A statue of Moby on the surface of the sun
To party naked on a schoolbus full of nuns
Yusic: Would the nuns join in on the party or would it be one of those akward one-man parties?  
(either way.. WHOOO!! PAR_T)  
Or maybe
neuromonkey: A BB gun that can shoot through time. OW! What th---??
thatmikeykid: Oww! I shot/shoot my eye out!
FoolProof: /me hands tmk the time machine BB gun.
FoolProof: ...and warns him to be careful with it.
thatmikeykid: My left eye suddenly stopped working.  
I must have shot my eye out in the past.  
Or was it the future?