What's The Story Behind Your Username?
Novelhead: I had been writing a lot more, and I wanted a place to put my stuff online. I spent a while trying to think of a good name for a site/blog.  
I thought "Novelhead" would give people a couple different mental images: A guy thinking about literature, and the stories pouring from his head... And a guy having original or "novel" thoughts.  
I'm sure everyone just thinks "oh, it's Book Head!" But whatever... I like the name. :)
This will never do.
Ah, leave the kid alone. He's just trying to get ahead.
Oh, I'll help him get ahead. His head. On a motherfucking STAKE!!!
Easy there, Tamburlaine.
This has been your dose of irregular literary bickering, sponsored by the Society for the Promotion of Dead White Males.
Well, you know or don't you kennet or haven't I told you every telling has a taling and that's the he and the she of it.
Novelhead: Wow, those guys were mad. I just hope Dylan Thomas doesn't find out what I said about him... :)
Novelhead: Although, he probably doesn't have as bad of a temper as Yeats... :)
I object to the terms "Dead" and "Males."
cornpone: go eat a dirt omlette.  
Oh, drat... my omelette fell apart.
badbunny: bunny is my nickname but that was already taken so I stuck bad in front of it.
~ * ~
Kassi42: My name is Kassi. 42 is just something I started tagging on the end of nicks sometime in high school after reading Hitchhiker's guide. Now, I put it there just out of habit.
My story
SpearmintFur: Once I had a dream where a man on a flaming pastry spoke unto me in a dream and said "You shall be Champthom with an 'h'!"  
And so I was.
Schauspieler: Well, I consider myself an actor, I was in drama in middle school and high school, and I have a Associates Degree in Dramatic Arts from a Community College, but I have no acting carrer, so I'm full of angst, and since Germans invented angst, I figured the German word for actor " Schauspieler" would be a good screenname.
Hugh2d2: Awesome. Me too. Middle school, high school and community college drama nerd here.  
I decided eating was too important to me so I'm now a network admin.
My story
Shut up.
FoolProof: Leave me alone.
FoolProof: I don't get it.
deathburger: Then you've so far missed out on a great show. Now's your chance to remedy that!  
I've got the entire 1st season plus the xmas episode and the pilot.
hmarshall: Excellent! Ventures are an absolute hoot! LOL on the episode where one of Monarch's henchmen walked in on him while fondling himself.. side-splitter.. Reminds me of a comment my grandpa made; if you're ever lost, just sit down and jack-off..someone will show up.. Ha!!!!  
I'd heard about a dvd set being released, is that what you've got? Haven't seen it in this area yet...
FoolProof: /me loves your grandpa's folksy wisdom.
LinusMines: DVD out March 2006.
I like my name...
shigpit: It's a spoonerism.  
I hear it's also the name of a band that played in the town I went to college. But I didn't name myself that because of them or anything.
TomCat's been around . . .
tomcat101147: for a long time. It started back when I did freelance stage work. I eventually handed out business cards that read "TomCat Production Assistance". My logo is a cat with top hat, cane and a million watt smile who's bowing to the unseen audience.  
Since I was everywhere and doing everything on stage and backstage but never in any one place it seemed appropriate.  
I'm just another of the nameless "men in blacks" that lurk backstage and make the shows happen.  
(Stagehands don't get no respect but without them you can play silently in the dark with no stage or props.)  
101147 (my birthdate) was added when I went on the net because there must be a million tomcats out there and I needed to make sure that when you wanted me you could find me. "Tomcatin' around" was the way I described my work when people asked me where I worked.  
Tomcat is a registered trademark of a brand of lighting truss but I was TomCat before it was around.