Your'e being chased by the police. You decide to...
Posted by blackvelvetjesus 13 years ago, closed 13 years ago
Flee on foot through a crowded neighborhood.
Steal a minivan and hope the cops are having car trouble.
Put on a clever disguise and lay low.
Hijack a transit bus and hold everyone hostage.
Turn yourself in to avoid any further trouble.
Create a poll soliciting advice from people you don't even know.
(you have a better suggestion?)
crataegus: Evasive maneuvers, ensign.
jtown: Last week I had a dream that I got up early to have breakfast with a friend before work. As he was driving me to the office, a cop came up behind us and hit the lights. We made a run for it (I don't know why I encouraged this since I hadn't done anything wrong (in the dream)). Ended up in Tijuana where I was trying to catch a cellular signal from the US side of the border so I could call my new boss and explain why I wasn't at work.  
Heh. I just remembered there's a pre-paid Telcel SIM in my real-life wallet. Would have come in handy if I'd remembered that while I was asleep.