Does Linkfilter need more bling?
Posted by blackvelvetjesus 14 years ago, closed 14 years ago
Naw. Linkfilter's already got crunk.
Yeeeyaah! The filter could use some Spreewells, a big sub, and gold trim.



jadeweasel: The hypnotizes....must resist...
Bud Tugly: Those things are dangerous. The first time I saw them was out of the corner of my eye as a car was coming to a very quick stop at a stop-sign to my right several fee ahead of me. All I saw was that the wheels kept spinning at the same speed. I thought the car was not going to stop in time which put me into a potentially dangerous swerve.
deathburger: I saw an SUV with a set of those today.. never saw them previously.  
My first reaction, and still my current one: Why. The. Fuck.
Speaking of
SpearmintFur: The other day, I saw a commercial for a "bling" kit.  
At first, I thought it was a joke - a bunch of white girls in suburbia talking about "blingin' it". I was waiting for it to be a joke, especially after the mom said "Now I can get bling my thing!". Turns out that it is real.  
So we don't need some bling because now EVERYONE is doing it. But maybe we can add some ice to LF's grill...
thatmikeykid: i thought it wasa joke too!! i asked sandy if it was a real commercial...  
the lady was sticking them to get laptop?!??! She was the mom??!?