Best Movie Sequel?
Posted by potatono 16 years ago, closed 16 years ago
Empire Strikes Back
Evil Dead 2
Godfather 2
The Matrix: Reloaded
Police Acadamy 6: City Under Siege
Some other sequel (comment)
I can't believe you forgot to mention ...
FuzzyDave: Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo
jeffro: damn you dave thats the first thing i thought of when i read the poll title!
voted for evil dead
amsterdamn: i can't say the matrix yet cause i'm not gonna see it til this weekend. another option that i would've voted for could be kevin smith's movies, which started out as a trilogy (clerks, chasing amy, mallrats) but ended up in five parts (dogma and jay & silent bob strike back)
I voted
ultrafastx: for Aliens. Great movie that instead of trying to one-up the first movoe, took the story in a different direction and did it well.
bear: yeah aliens was really great.
bear: I liked army of darkness quite a bit more than the other two evil dead movies.
ultrafastx: LOTR Two Towers was good, but I have a hard time viewing that as a sequel, in the traditional sense, simply because it is one continuous storyline spread over three films.
fabulon7: Look Who's Talking Too.

Classic cinema.
FuzzyDave: Agreed, fabulon. It is in the same league as Beethoven the Second.
clu: I prefer the original Alien to Aliens. And as far as sequels go, I think Terminator 2 is better than the original.
ultrafastx: too bad T3 looks like it is probably gonna suck ass.