Which Metallica are you?
Long hair, kickin' ass, world touring, beer drinking, drug ingesting, hand catching on fire, hard rock, metal man!
Short hair, suit wearing, Napster suing, martini drinking, new age kid raising, occupational psychotherapist band meeting, heath food, exercising, heavy metal, man?
Kill Em All
madtbone: tsia
fabulon7: Ride The Lightning!
smith: Hearing Lars say "What I hear you saying is....", Watching Kirk Hammet ride around his ranch on 50 thousand dollar horses, and watching James Hetfield storm off because Lars is picking on him..all worthwhile moments in the Metallica documentary.  
Watching Dave Mustaine cry and not being sure if it's because he's sad Metallica is successful or if it's because he's happy to see Metallica falling apart...now that's special.
fabulon7: Your teaser has made me really want to see this.
reapre: I didn't know Mustaine was in it. Although I guess it wouldn't be very complete without him, now that I think about it.  
Damn, I gotta see that.
Just about everything
FrokeOut: before the nursery rhymes.