could god microwave a burrito so hot that he, himself, could not eat it?
Posted by glitch p-udding 14 years ago, closed 14 years ago
my god can
thatmikeykid: that's why the red states are so red. god is waiting for them to cool off so that he can eat them.
FrokeOut: I'm hoping he spits out the blue folk. It would suck to suffer red fate after all my hard work. Maybe the DeLay thing will get the wishy-washy back on the side of good.
irreverence: DeLay is so evil.  
Yeah sure your fictional god can do these things...
mist3rjon3s: ....but what the hell kind of poll is this?
DonkaWechico: I could've sworn this poll was posted before. But I can nay find it on LF anymore. Hm. Oh well... damned funny.