For Males: You Must Choose!
Posted by Darwish 14 years ago, closed 14 years ago
Stand to pee
Sit to pee
ultrafastx: Way easier when you have to clean the bathroom.  
Plus, you can't pee standing up with a pee boner.
sopolev: Stand, but pee in the sink.
blackvelvetjesus: Sure you can, you just have to start about 15 feet away from the bowl. It's as much an exhibition of skill as determination.
FuzzyDave: Just keep in mind that it IS an exhibition and not a competition. So please, no wagering.
badbunny: stand on your hands.
DV8 2XL: ..."squats-to-piss" was an insult reserved for efeminine males in my time.
sandwoman13: I voted because I take all the polls regardless of if they are for me. I voted sit because if I were a guy then I would sit cause I'm lazy.
deathburger: Actually it's faster just to whip it out and drain.
sandwoman13: It's less work to me to pull everything down then to have to stand there.
fabulon7: Go outside, piss on neighbour's dog.
dwharbin: You only sit to pee if your going to poo as well,,,as far as the pee boner goes, shower is easier then sink.
Unless you haven't decided which you're going to do, in which case, sit and decide at your leisure.
owl: at night, i always sit. bright lights are bad, but needful, otherwise  
dwharbin: Can't pee in the dark?!?!? Amatuer:)