If an oil company wanted to name a ship after you would you let them?
Posted by bear 14 years ago, closed 14 years ago
Hell YES!
Hell no!
I drink oil for breakfast
Destroy the planet!
I like pickles I wish vlasic would name a pickle after me
As long...
...as I didn't have to cchange my name to Condoleezza.  
(And what's WITH that second "z", anyway?)
jtown: Sure...As long as they don't bother to verify the name I give them. Ollie Cherpuzzi has a nice ring to it.
defStef: oh, that's rich...
Would I . . .
tomcat101147: get paid for letting them do that? If the answer is yes then my answer is yes.
I want
dwharbin: A sandwich named after me. Heres the recipe:  
A oversized Jimmy Bean sausage patty that has been boiled (To get rid of some of the fat) and then fried.  
A Scrambled egg.  
A slice of cheese.  
Country style dijon mustard and A-1 sauce.  
Lightly toasted honey wheat bread.  
It will be called,,,,,a dwharbin:)  
Yes,,,me and a buddy of mine way back in my stoner days used to eat these all the time.
cornpone: this is whiskey:  
this is sausage:  
i don't know what jimmy bean is though.  
darkstar: The rest of the label...  
dwharbin: Sage,,,always go with the sage,,,