11min 20sec video explaining why fructose should be considered a poison.
El Paso Mugshots
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If you get arrested for Family Violence, DWI, Prostitution, or Auto Theft in El Paso, Texas, this is where they will post your mugshot. Say cheese :P
Acid Tests
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The Web Standards Compliance Acid Tests! I use the Acid3 test on my chrome browser whenever I install a new extension. If the extension scores less than 100, I won't use it. Run Acid3 on your home page with nothing else running. Click on the A in Acid on the score page for performance details.
Frequency Dot Com
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From their about page...  
"We find the freshest and most actively shared videos, in real time, and present you with short excerpts of them assembled into a set of continuous live streams that we call "frequencies". When you see something you want to watch more of, a single click will connect you directly to the source."
This short video really makes me think about all the different types of people affected by our economic struggles. This Kermit duet is both entertaining and deeply disturbing.
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"Just a quick note to welcome you to the site. In case you are in any doubt over what NearlyGood.com is about, it is a collection of interesting stuff. Funny videos, funny pictures, flash games, jokes, funny audio clips, sexy babes and last but not least a collection of forum smilies & emoticons."  
Looks like a treasure-trove of great videos get posted here as soon as they hit the web!
An animated spoof of a famous Christmas song. Should do well to really offend someone out there...the rest of us will try to memorize the lyrics.
If you're as tired of political correctness as I am, I'm sure you'll enjoy this ...  
The Night Before Christmas, as read in a funny non-Santa Claus kind of way by Larry the Cable Guy, part of the popular Blue Collar Comedy crew, to eight obviously bewildered children and a studio audience.  
wmv file- right click link, save target as...(desktop)
This bar ROCKS!! Excellent streaming audio/video cam puts you right there. By far my favorite cam since Jailcam. Don't forget to go full screen to get that OOOOHHHH YEEAAAAHHHH sensation when the babes get crazy at Last Call :D
Internet Resources Selected by the Chicago Public Library...
IU's version of "all about music" :P
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Selected Western European News and Newspapers. This page provides links to  
some major online news sources in Western Europe.
Biplane Daredevil
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This is a wmv (13.302 MB) movie file of an accomplished biplane pilot...  
I dare you to take a ride with this guy :P
F/A-18 Hornet Simulator
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Fly an F/A-18 in this game with awesome graphics...