The Living Mystery Effect

The Living Mystery Effect (LME) is a theorem developed to identify the cause and effect of refusing basic, and complex, aspects of history, science, and in some instances, religion. The LME comprises two basic governing bodies that explain the mechanism by which the tenet of a given mystery remains intact.

Time Capsule Homes

These homes have gone 30, 40 even 70 years without major updates to their decor. When they go on the market, the real estate photos give us a glimpse of life from another time.


A fashion site for food. Beautiful pictures and questionable recipes.

I was hanging out with my dad yesterday, drinking coffee and channel surfing and we discovered this pretty awesome show on History Channel 2 (the one where they actually show history).

Dad didn't know who Henry Rollins was: "History professors sure look different these days," said Dad. The show is really interesting to watch. The facts are grouped around significant historical people and events and the people they interview are knowledgeable. However, the best part is watching Henry Rollins and his real interest and joy at learning about these strange little bits of our history.


"It's not for's for eaters."

Background: I listened to this guy being interviewed on NPR and he's fascinating. He's theories about food and food engineering take a unique approach to food.

The California High School Exit exam took millions to administer, sucked countless hours of class room instruction away from kids and is now, dead. The repercussions of this decision are huge, as now thousands of students will be granted a high school diploma who didn't have one before, but there are "silent" casualties to this decision as well.

This is important for any state that has or is considering a graduation test requirement.

An article detailing some of the problems with the exam here.

An Op-Ed that sums up my feelings here.

"Every once in a while, humans of the past got lucky: Even though their science was completely wrong, the theory driving it saved lives anyway. Such is the case with “miasma,” a concept popular throughout the mid-1800s with laypeople, doctors, and public-health advocates. "

The Monterey Bay Aquarium has a protected Tide Pool that created a safe haven for a wild otter to give birth to her pup on December 20th. She continues to stay in the pool and teach her pup what it means to be an otter.

(Really, the link is for the pics of the otters)

The Best Board Games of 2015

This is a very good, detailed review of the best new board games of 2015...since a bunch of us seem to be into playing board games these days.

Table Top - With Wil Wheaton

Watch Wil Wheaton and friends play board games. It's funny, informative and may just inspire you to break out your table top games again.

Brown Winery

"In 1980 our parents stumbled upon a ghost ranch in the hills east of Rutherford in the Napa Valley. Five years on they planted vineyards and for a decade we farmed and sold wine grapes. In 1995 we kids, encouraged by growing demand for our fruit, established our own label. In 2015 we are celebrating 35 years in the Napa Valley and in 2016 we will bottle our 20th vintage of Brown Estate zinfandel."

This winery not only makes great wine, but it's a great story as well.

From the article: "One of the gifts of being a writer is that it gives you an excuse to do things, to go places and explore. Another is that writing motivates you to look closely at life, at life as it lurches by and tramps around."

Ann Lamott is one of the best writers writing about writing. A good read and it might inspire you to pick up her book Bird by Bird.


Order amazing food from all over the country. Or browse the categories dreaming of churros and cakes and churro cakes. Your choice.

365 Days of Writing Prompts
Here's some journal inspiration for you!  
Some of these are cheesy. Some insightful. Some funny.
Written? Kitten!
A write/reward site that shows you a picture of a kitten (or puppy or bunny) for every 100 words you write. An inspirational motivator for those of us who need it to get our writing done.