Everybody knows about Woodstock, especially after last year’s 40th anniversary media blitz, but relatively few are aware that North Carolina had its own supersized rock festival one year later.  
The Love Valley Rock Festival was held July 16-18, 1970, and this weekend marks its 40th anniversary.
Lindsay Pollock
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Lindsay Pollock’s blog Art Market Views provides daily breaking news and analysis for readers seeking an insider’s perspective on the art industry. The site focuses on New York City, the reigning global art capital.
A 35-mile rift in the desert of Ethiopia will likely become a new ocean eventually, researchers now confirm.  
The crack, 20 feet wide in spots, opened in 2005 and some geologists believed then that it would spawn a new ocean. But that view was controversial, and the rift had not been well studied.
Central Asia Institute
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Central Asia Institute community projects continue to focus primarily in remote, underserved regions where few organizations serve. Since 2005, CAI refined and focused its priority to focus mainly on rural education and literacy, especially for females. This also includes ongoing teacher training programs, to establish libraries, and provide temporary education in regions of natural disaster or crisis. CAI also continues to pioneer and promote education in regions where there few or no education opportunities.
While technology advances are part of iRacing’s business plan, the company is also trying to bring another dimension to sim racing’s future: a vision of Internet racing as a recognized competition with its own global sanctioning body, a place where an amateur racer can have a fulfilling career and where professional drivers can hone their skills.  
Article in the NY Times
Even though Symphony No. 2 is believed to be Brahms’s first symphonic work, the composer demonstrates a sure hand from the outset, with a glowing thematic statement from the horns. The flutes answer with a supple ascending line, requesting that the horns be more specific. But the horns simply re-state the same phrase a half step up, which only serves to irritate the flutes, who promptly hand the melody to the violins, as if to say, “Here, you deal with them.”
Why Saturn Failed.
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To use a military analogy Saturn represented a beachhead for General Motors. It had successfully invaded enemy territory, and now had a toehold where it could capture import buyers. And sure enough, Saturn was definitely bringing in customers who otherwise would never by any other General Motors' products.  
Instead of telling Saturn it had to live off its own cash flow, GM should have poured whatever it took into keeping that beachhead. Had it done so, the results could have been far different. But in the end the effort to save Saturn was too little too late. Just like Oldsmobile.
William 'Paco' Strickland
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Willaim"Paco"Strickland is one of North America's few commercially working Flamenco artists.He is the host of the "Flamenco Cafe" on your radio dial.
Last Chance to See
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Stephen Fry was a close friend of Douglas Adams, and when Douglas and Mark spent a year travelling the world, Stephen lived in Douglas' house, and recalls "taking urgent phone calls to send maps and lenses to faraway places."  
In 2008-09, exactly 20 years after the original journey, Stephen and Mark are heading off to see what has become of the animals in two decades, and to discover what has affected their fortunes.
Dunkel Industries
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Dunkel industries was built on the childhood dream of never having to stop because the trail was "more than the RV could handle". We have created a vehicle that has unlimited versatility. A military grade 4x4 system ,made by Fabco, makes our truck claw at the ground when normal rv's would be spinning their wheels. A custom wood, leather and Fiberglass interior makes rest and nourishment comfortable and easy. We designed the RV as a Luxury escape with no limits on how far you could travel. Its beauty and the beast under one roof.
The Curated Object
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Sometimes whispering and other times shouting, objects have their own time and cadence. The Curated Object is interested in the exhibition of objects and those who find our engagement with them compelling. Objects act out all the time and revolt against us. Listening carefully is my quest.
Gillian Welch
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Great voice with chops to match.Coming to a bluegrass festival near you soon.
Rice Paddy Crop Art-2009
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As summer progresses, crops of rice paddy art are beginning to emerge in Japan. The crop art — created by strategically arranging and growing different colors of rice plants — can be seen in farming communities across the country.
On May 31, the Barrel Monster made its appearance on Hillsborough Street near the school's campus, its hand pointing out to passing motorists and pedestrians next to a construction zone. But the monster also caught the attention of a patrolling Raleigh police officer, who seized the statue and began a criminal investigation.
Barrel Monster
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Later on that night, they stood huddled in the corner of the room, silent. They looked on while I slowly set out the duct tape and plugged in the power drill. Then I pulled out the switchblade and released the cold metal blade. They would never be the same.  
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