How to drink water
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Without this video, I would have died of thirst.

Find the shortest route between two Wikipedia articles with this handy dandy little app.
Paris 26 Gigapixels
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Paris 26 Gigapixels is a stitching of 2346 single photos showing a very high-resolution panoramic view of the French capital (354159x75570 px). Dive in the image and visit Paris like never before!
Badass of the Week
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You've reached the Badass of the Week, your one-stop shop for all things badassery-related. I update the page every Friday, so if you give a crap feel free to check back in next week to satisfy your insatiable desire to read about grown people punching each other in the mouth or beating each other about the head and neck in a most furious manner.  
You should probably also be aware that this site features an unnecessarily copious amount of profanity, so if you're easily offended by that sort of thing then this would be a good time for you to turn off your computer and go join a convent.  
It's like written by Maddox
Bruce Campbell's Soup
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For the 52nd birthday of the awesomeness that is Bruce Campbell, Sci-Fi Wire honors the star of Evil Dead and Bubba Ho-tep...with soup labels.  
It's not just's GROOVY!  
Link directly to .pdf
This nifty little flash presentation allows you to zoom in on the universe to a scale of Planck' length(10^-35m) where the quantum foam of the universe exists and zoom out to the estimated size of the entire universe(93Ym), passing interesting things like subatomic particles, people, and galaxies along the way.  
Really gives a good feel of the scale of things.
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Welcome! You've stumbled into WTF?! - a WoW inspired side-scrolling Flash-based RPG.  
Built with "!" Our freely available Sorta-SDK to facilitate your own abusive game designs!  
[WTF Theme Day]
"I recently read 64 Things Every Geek Should Know and I was inspired to create The “Official” Geek “Must Do Before You Die” Checklist:"  
100 Things every true geek should do before the end.  
Complete with web references on how to do them.
Deadly Dora - Check your toys.
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Toy-maker Fisher-Price is recalling 83 types of toys — including the popular Big Bird, Elmo, Dora and Diego characters — because their paint contains excessive amounts of lead.  
The worldwide recall being announced Thursday involves 967,000 plastic preschool toys made by a Chinese vendor and sold in the United States between May and August. It is the latest in a wave of recalls that has heightened global concern about the safety of Chinese-made products.
When you've hit rock bottom, there's nowhere to go but up. But even compared to the eventful summers that are being enjoyed by fans of the Rangers, Panthers and Kings, the Flyers emerge as the best-positioned for a quick reversal of fortune.  
The beauty of GM Paul Holmgren's approach is that it was executed in what soon will be regarded as textbook fashion, seeming to encompass both a quick fix and a long-term solution. It has the team poised not only to return to the playoffs next season, but to challenge for the Stanley Cup in short order.  
A War We Just Might Win
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"VIEWED from Iraq, where we just spent eight days meeting with American and Iraqi military and civilian personnel, the political debate in Washington is surreal. The Bush administration has over four years lost essentially all credibility. Yet now the administration’s critics, in part as a result, seem unaware of the significant changes taking place.  
Here is the most important thing Americans need to understand: We are finally getting somewhere in Iraq, at least in military terms. As two analysts who have harshly criticized the Bush administration’s miserable handling of Iraq, we were surprised by the gains we saw and the potential to produce not necessarily “victory” but a sustainable stability that both we and the Iraqis could live with..."
What can you do with a little knowhow, $10,000 and 10 days?  
Why, build a jet-propelled outhouse, that's what.  
Found on: WFMU's Beware of the Blog  
A hilarious, IMO, mp3 version of a classically informative LP put out in 1969 by Stanley Z. Daniels, M.D. to help teens struggling with their burgeoning sexuality in a way that only an audio play written by a 1960's-era MD can.  
2 tracks - side 1(20:28) and side 2(21:27)  
I had this on in the background while I was working yesterday and I isssue the following warning: May make you Snarf.  
Also, for the subject nature and for some profanity in the comments, possibly NSFW, but only barely.
Linkfilter Audio Blog
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[Shameless Promotion]  
Are you bored?  
Pining to hear the voice of your favorite linkfilter chat buddy?  
The Linkfilter Audio Blog!  
This revolutionary website uses the latest Intarweb 2.0 technology to allow you to hear messages left by other linkfilter users or leave one yourself for that special someone!  
(Remember all messages will be available to the general public for listening, so watch what you say about Scientology.)  
Expand your linkfilter experience -- With The Linkfilter Audio Blog!  
Legal Disclaimer:  
This site was inspired by, but is in no way affiliated with Void where appropriate, otherwise its a big mess. I already posted this to my journal, but decided to post it as a link too so it would be more visible and I haven't ever used my shameless promotion post, so there. Do not taunt happy fun ball.
The Smashing Pumpkins will set up camp in Asheville, N.C., and San Francisco for multiple-night stands this summer, during which they will draw from a different set list each night.  
In a new twist, fans are encouraged to record shows throughout the residencies with their own audio and video equipment. According to a spokesperson, the Pumpkins will be digging deep into their back catalog and playing material from their new album, "Zeitgeist," due July 10 via Martha's Music/Reprise. The band may even play songs "written on the day of the show."