Level 3* has partitioned its part of the Internet from Cogent's part of the Internet by denying Level 3's  
customers access to Cogent's customers and denying Cogent's customers access to Level 3 customers. Level 3  
terminated its peering with Cogent without cause (as permitted under its peering agreement with Cogent)  
even though both Cogent and Level 3 remained in full compliance with the previously existing interconnection  
This means a whole host of issues for a lot of people.  
more here:  
Thinkgeek in space
Posted by quality26 in current events 13 years ago
No, I don't work for the site, I just like their stuff. And so does astronaut Stephen Robinson. Follow the link to see a pic of him wearing a Thinkgeek shirt in space.  
Can you guess which one??
Automatic Door
Posted by quality26 in blinded by science 13 years ago
Unlike any you have ever seen. A true 'minimalist' design, in that it opens only enough for you to get through. As is evident in the video, it still needs some work, but the idea is cool!
Another bright idea from the API genius. I couldn't get it to fully load, but it gives you a good idea of where they are.
Liquid Man
Posted by quality26 in the "other" pile 14 years ago
Flash to entertain you (for a couple of minutes at least)
A screenshot look at all the past versions of Windows. I did notice that BOB was missing...
Power Squid
Posted by quality26 in shopping 14 years ago
Better and more flexible than your standard powerstrip. Powersquid provides 5 outlets, no matter what you plug in
Heavenly Bodies
Posted by quality26 in it's the arts 14 years ago
Using the human body as a star chart, this artist maps out the constellations. Be sure to check out the full hemispheres.
Ed Viesturs, and well know mountaineer, has finally done it. Completed the challange of climbing all the 8,000 meter plus peaks of the world  
Congratulations Ed!!
Terabit wireless access provided through your existing natural gas line.