First time ever. A US president is using his own money (unlike some bankers) to make changes to the White House. This is good form.
This Finnish lady does some out there things with my little pony..enjoy.
GROW rpg
Posted by psychosomatic in fun & games 14 years ago
Weird flash game - sort of an rpg....sort of arcad-ish but I have no ideas how to win....give it a go!
A list of the 20 richest people in the world. Predictably, Gates is first. Still.  
Trouble with capitalism, is, you can't overthrow a corporation. There is no point. You have to be Wiser than them.
It is Bobby Mcferrin's birthday.  
In honour of the long weekend in my part of Australia.  
If you don't know what I'm talking about, I'm too old or you're too young.
Artwork by Richard Horsman  
Really, cool Art. looks like little bitmaps, but is actually much cooler. Game-themed though, very iconic.
A new environmentally friendly coating based on sharks' skin may soon help the U.S. Navy increase ship speeds while saving fuel.  
The coating doesn't go anywhere near the engines -- it will be applied on the hull of ships below the waterline, where all manner of algae, barnacles and other wee beasties attach themselves, slowing ships and reducing their maneuverability.  
All of the 'Marathon' titles (M1,M2,MI), brought to you long ago by 'Bungie', those who brought 'Halo 1 & 2' to you, have released them  
(d/l'able) as freeware, but not open source.  
Alas, they are only OS6-7-8? mac compatible now, but the data can be extracted to be used in the 'Aleph1' port of the marathon2 source code.  
[edit]Although, there is an easy SDL version, no need to extract.  
All those damn 'Mods' 'n' 'Maps' will just freakin' run now.  
Win32 versions are available soon, for those who can wait. Lovin' it.  
Serendipity, Ya-ha.  
Shigpit, bless his heart for giving me hope, will understand what this means to me.  
[further edit]: I just now realised that Bungie is owned by Microshite, now. Freeware?, or catering to curious Halo fans?. Your guess, as good as mine. Pls do comment.  
While many serious stories made the news in 2004 there were also some seriously strange ones making the news. Here are some of the oddest events of the year.  
The one about the woman breastfeeding her dog is just weird  
A world grieving for the more than 126,000 dead in Asia's tsunami catastrophe marked a sombre passage to the New Year with the traditionally exuberant celebrations eclipsed by mourning, and remembrance candles often replacing fireworks.  
The global nature of the catastrophe, which engulfed tens of thousands of foreign tourists, cast a long shadow on places as far away as Stockholm and Paris.  
Peace and happy New year to you all.
A 67-year-old Romanian woman is to become the world's oldest first-time mother.  
Adriana Iliescu, an author and retired university teacher, has announced she is pregnant with twins after 10 years of fertility treatment.  
10 years...hardly an effort at all, at that age.
Snow has fallen over the United Arab Emirates for the first time ever, leaving a white blanket over the mountains of Ras al-Khaimah as the desert country experienced a cold spell and above-average rainfall.  
The company that owns the famed Commodore computer brand has been sold to Yeahronimo Media, a Beverly Hills, California, digital music distributor.  
The Commodore 64 was an early personal computer introduced in 1982.  
Tulip Computers NV, based in the Netherlands, agreed to sell its subsidiary Commodore International for $32.6 million in U.S. dollars, in a letter of intent announced Wednesday.  
The deal gives Yeahronimo, founded in July by SATXS Communications and Yeahronimo, control over the Commodore brand that has a long history of computer-related products.  
Points raised, here.  
1. There's always life in an old dog, apparently  
2. What does this mean for emulation, legally?
Oscar winner Steven Spielberg will bring one of the toy phenomenons of the 1980s to the big screen - generating a booming adult collectors market for the robots known as Transformers.  
The director has announced he will follow next year's The War of the Worlds with a live-action tale of the mechanical heroes who disguise themselves as cars, trucks and jets.  
Ho-Hum, where was that Shockwave box?  
We have shared our lives with dogs for thousands of years, and our relationship is only getting closer.  
The complete canine genome sequence, which was finished last summer, is helping scientists to track down genes that cause disease in both dogs and people.  
The ZoidHund says 'woof'