Two new and baleful reports about "microwave radiation" revived the mast hysteria in the UK this week: one, an attempt by "3" to build a new phone tower and the other, a series of schools claiming ill effects from Wi-Fi.
Tony Blair is to make a historic statement condemning Britain's role in the transatlantic slave trade as a 'crime against humanity' and expressing 'deep sorrow' that it ever happened.  
Critics say Prime Minister has fallen short of full apology.
Filth and shame in an NHS hospital
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Twenty-four hours to save the NHS! I wonder how often that promise comes back to haunt Tony Blair 10 years later. Week after week reliable reports and the government’s own figures tell a disgraceful story of incompetence, debt, misery and filth in the National Health Service. That story is supported, week after week, by heart-rending personal accounts of horrors on the wards.
Farmers in North Cholla Province are scrambling to put up defenses after the health authorities found bird flu in dead chickens at a farm in Iksan, the country’s first outbreak since 2003.  
Although the government urges calm over the discovery of bird flu, identified as the H5N1 strain that could be fatal to humans, there is mounting concern over public health safety and economic losses, since the area is the country’s largest poultry supplier.
Chilean Tribe Sues Microsoft
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During an interview given by Aucan Huilcaman to AtinaChile on Aug. 12, 2005, the leader of the Mapuche nation announced that he would sue Microsoft Corporation on behalf of his people since the software company planned to release a version of its "Windows XP" operating system in "Mapundungun" (the native language) without their authorization.
Canal protests over job cut fears
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Narrow boat owners have been blockading canals across England as part of protests over cuts to the government grant given to British Waterways.  
Canals in London, central Birmingham and Manchester were among those blocked by Save Our Waterways' protesters.
Poor families given fruit and veg
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Pregnant women and toddlers from low income families are to get free fruit and vegetables under a new scheme.  
The government's Healthy Start scheme will provide parents with vouchers to buy fruit and vegetables, as well as milk and formula for babies.  
The vouchers will be worth £2.80 per week and made available for pregnant women and families with children aged between one and four.
The First Thanksgiving
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They spent two months at sea to reach a strange new world, and barely survived once they got there.  
Learn how the Pilgrims reached America and lived to celebrate the first Thanksgiving.  
[Turkey Day]
Thanks giving song
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Adam Sandler sings a Thanks giving song on You Tube.  
[Turkey Day]
Pink Floyd star David Gilmour is to release a tribute single to his former bandmate Syd Barrett.  
The EP will feature live performances of two songs written by the reclusive guitarist, who died this year.
This bit of news will no doubt be a big badge of honor for the few owners there are out there of the Volkswagen Touareg V10 TDI. VW is hoping the number of Touareg TDI owners will grow, and demonstrated the diesel ute's mighty pulling power recently in a press event that pitted it against the standing weight of a Boeing 747. The Touareg was "lightly modified" with the addition of 7,030 kg (15,498 lbs.) of ballast weight (!) and the fitment of the 4.56 axle from Touareg V8 model.
Government policy failing to stop use as prices fall.  
The UK has 327,466 hardcore "problem drug users" who are regularly using either heroin, crack or cocaine, research revealed yesterday. The figure is far higher than a previous estimate of 270,000.  
Britons are also spending a total of £5.9bn a year on illegal drugs, about two-fifths of the amount spent on alcohol and a third of the size of the legal tobacco market, according to Home Office estimates.
Stars line-up for panto season
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The pantomime season is underway and this year a crop of top stars will be treading the boards.  
Henry Winkler, the Fonz from Happy Days and Patrick Duffy, best known as Bobby Ewing in Dallas, looked surprisingly at home at the season launch of this peculiarly British institution.
SOME heroin addicts should be prescribed the drug on the NHS to stop them committing crime, a senior police officer has said.  
Deputy Chief Constable Howard Roberts, of Nottinghamshire Police, speaking in Manchester, said it would cost £12,000 a year for an addict to be treated this way.  
But the treatment would be cost-effective in the long run because users steal at least £45,000 of property a year to feed their addiction.
Poland vetoed the launch of talks between the European Union and Russia on a new partnership agreement on Thursday over a meat dispute, casting a shadow over a summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin.