I know you would expect the New York Times to gloat, but it still is a nice read. A rundown of what has happened and what will happen in the "Culture War".  
Sunday Editorial  
OK I changed the link to web safe.  
If This requires a login for Firefox users maybe IE too  
I use Opera and it doesn't send referral information... so  
Username: Let-me-in  
Password: letmein  
You can turn off referral info on a link click in Firefox preferences:  
about config (in the address bar)  
double click on valuenetwork.http.sendRefererHeader set value to 0  
close page restart firefox and link should work.  
Seems the NYT requires registration randomly for referred links. Meh!  
It is worth registering a free account to the NYT takes a minute and the cookie persists a long time once registered you should rarely be asked again. Small price to pay for access to a flagship news source in our nation.
Laser vs Mosquito
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UFX you have anything to do with this?  
Lasers to take aim against Malaria! Finally Reagan's Star Wars pays off! Bit like using nukes to cure a border skirmish but I approve.
I know we will soon approach burnout on the economy. But one thing is for certain these eye catching infographics will not be the reason. Nice collection of ways to understand where we are and how we got there.
The Happiness of the People
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As defined by an elitist racist who liked it better when the betters ruled the lessers. If you want some apoplexy inducing pretty talk that sounds all intellectual and uplifting try these arguments on for size.  
This is the 2009 Irving Kristol Lecture. Irving Kristol of the famous quote "There is nothing wrong with this country that a good long depression cannot cure." For out of a depression the lower classes will come to realize their place and quit being so uppity. They should be thankful we let them clean our toilets.  
If you want a cooling off thread some ideas for rebuttal go over to the Mefi comments
Making Money from Unemployment
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Here is a heart warming story of how our friend the Banking industry is doing it's part to help the unemployed...  
By charging them debit card fees for just about anything the unemployed can use them for. Need a bank balance? $.40 need more than 1 cash withdrawal in a two week period? That will be a another charge. Access your account by phone never talking to a human being? Another fee. Bank issuing card doesn't have a branch in your area? Out of network fee. As if it isn't bad enough people are unemployed you have cut yourself in for part of the benefits. WTG Banking Industry I can see you get it. We bail your ass out while you grab all you can from the other end too.  
I'm ready for the revolution fsckin bastids.
Wrap your head around this one reality exists and it is even stranger than you think.  
In the 1990s a physicist called Lucien Hardy proposed a thought experiment that makes nonsense of the famous interaction between matter and antimatter: that when a particle meets its antiparticle, the pair always annihilate one another in a burst of energy. Dr Hardy's scheme left open the possibility that in some cases when their interaction is not observed a particle and an antiparticle could interact with one another and survive. Of course, since the interaction has to remain unseen, no one should ever notice this happening, which is why the result is known as Hardy's paradox.
This MPAA funded document put out by the once respected RAND corporation links film piracy to the funding of terrorism and as a significant revenue stream for organized crime.  
How much do you pay for your illicit downloads? I think piracy is being confused with counter fitting. Look here for a fitting rebuttal.
If you have a web site and pay for bandwidth you may appreciate how to save yourself some dough and keep these uninvited critters from using up your bandwidth. It goes beyond the editing of .htaccess.
Pew Center for the States documents the trend to involve more and more (twice as many in the past 50 years) people in our Justice system. Spending on prisons is up 300%. The average inmate takes $29,000 to incarcerate for a year. The average parolee can be supervised for $2,750 a year, most of which can be recovered from the parolee if they are working. How well is the system working for us? How can we change it? Some ideas from the Pew think tank.
The EFF has put together information pertaining you, your data, and law enforcement. As more and more people come to rely on electronic data for record keeping and communication not too many concern themselves with where their bits and bytes come and go.  
This is a good introduction to where we are in the State of 1984, where cameras track out movements in public places and our data is sifted through for reasons other than our own.  
Good reading for the paranoid and not so paranoid.
This is about as alien a looking creature as I've seen. Tubular eyes enclosed in a transparent shield resembling the canopy of a jet fighter. This unusual beastie lives life "down below" with gawd knows what else. Check out the MBARI video at the end of the article.
The Chicago Tea Party
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Here is a neat observation on how a "spontaneous rant" aired on CNBC and Youtubes may not be as spontaneous as billed.  
Who you going to trust? If CNBC can be manipulated as easily as this what hope is there when consumers and investors need reliable information. To be sure it was a rant not an editorial but staging a rant as infotainment seems a bit sleazy.
Dining to Utopia
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Atlanta Foodies creating a haven for stressed out city dwellers. Sounds delish but can you afford it? ~$200 a night plus meals. Still a nice romantic getaway for those around Atlanta still employed with disposable income. Link to Serenbe proper.
Seems a defense contractor in Maryland wanted some music to work by. So rather than think about the ramifications of sharing their hard drive with the net, blueprints for Marine One the Presidential Helicopter, showed up at an IP address in Tehran.  
Of course Congress wants to study on this problem and figure out how to prevent stupidity. Good luck with that. I'm happy that there is a company making a living sniffing these file sharing networks, but then again I'm disappointed it was them that had to discover this breech and report it. I would like to think the NSA would have been on top of this and quietly cleaned up this idiot's act. More fun to read email and listen to phone calls than to identify IP addresses running file sharing protocols and match them against lists of computers owned by defense contractors. I mean how hard is that? (Not Very) Meanwhile if you have to run Limewire,e-Donkey, Shareaza, Overnet, Morpheus, Gnutella etc. be sure what you are sharing it may be more than music.
Sita Sings the Blues
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Sita is a goddess separated from her beloved Lord and husband Rama. Nina is an animator whose husband moves to India, then dumps her by e-mail. Three hilarious shadow puppets narrate both ancient tragedy and modern comedy in this beautifully animated interpretation of the Indian epic Ramayana. Set to the 1920’s jazz vocals of Annette Hanshaw, Sita Sings the Blues earns its tagline as "The Greatest Break-Up Story Ever Told."  
This is worth a looksee if only for the story of Ramayana. The music is a treat too.