In the weeks before the great sci-fi author Philip K. Dick passed away on March 2, 1982, he had been dreaming of The Owl In Daylight.
where have i been??
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this site, or collection of sites, is dedicated to sharing stories of fitness enthusiasts, from bike commuting to actual routes of runs, as captured on GPS and superimposed on satellite images....  
a whole new way to brag...;)  
provides the words, in various languages, used to describe the sounds that animals make. bees do more than buzz....
Eat sushi? I hardly know her...
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but sushi lovers should know a bit more about what they are eating, and slate provides a pretty neat, reasonably comprehensive summary here on the possible dangers of eating sushi - or some species of fish in general, notably tuna.
Golden Peabutter
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"The best tasting alternative to peanut butter. Completely Peanut, Gluten, and Nut Free."  
anyone ever try this stuff? i have a son with peanut allergies, so i'm curious.
Designer Vaginas
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This is the latest facet of cosmetic surgery — designer vaginas. Women have already nipped, tucked, implanted and vacuumed every other part of their bodies, and are now turning their perfection-obsessed eyes to their own genitals. Elective surgeries that promise a better sex life or more aesthetically pleasing private parts are rapidly gaining popularity — but both the medical community and cultural observers are divided over whether these are valid, beneficial surgeries or just personal vanity gone too far.
as noted here (along with an oddly placed comment) american ski racer bode miller became the first american skier to win the overall world cup championship of skiing in 22 years.  
as an aside, i thought the article is interesting in itself, in that it is packed with links to other articles (usually for the same mag, but..) that provide plenty of intersting tidbits/backstory...
Curse of the Cursing Stone
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"It is an ancient curse brought up to date, and residents in Carlisle claim it has brought them disasters from disease to the relegation of the local soccer team."  
and now the town is considering destroying it to save themselves....
It was summer. It was hot. And we needed to eat. My choices were:  
* Cook on the stove and heat the house more  
* Go out to dinner  
* Get fast food  
* Fire up the barbecue  
I discovered another solution – a simple, safe way to cook that is fast, cheap, convenient, and delicious.  
there really should be a food/prep/recipes category
Bloggers are the new rappers....?
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I don't think i buy it from this article, but it is an interesting concept: based on cultural impact, could bloggers eclipse rappers as the new mainstream social commentary?
Mirriam-Webster Online has made available a set of plug-ins for the firefox webbrowser that let you look up words from any place on the web.  
now...who could use this...hmm....
And Pepper
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Lots of info on what is arguably the most important seasoning in cooking today. pepper. != peppers.
Such was the importance of salt that the words, 'war' and 'peace' originate from the word for salt & bread in Ancient Hebrew and Arabic - The first war that mankind initiated was most probably over 'salt' supplies.  
is it an urban legend that "salary" was derived from roman soldiers being paid in salt?
Geeen Comix
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So what are Geeen Comix? Oh nothing......just the best frickin' small press comics ever produced by man!  
Try that on for size, poo face! And if you don't believe me and you think I'm just inventing lies to cheat you of your money, why don't you point your doubting cursor to these links on the right and have a look at some of 'em!  
I really cannot wait to see this, I was an early fan of the tv show (at least for this side of the pond) and books, even the text adventure. pretty positive aside from the usual whining about how not every character fit exactly into the reviewer's preconceptions of what they should be (think LOTR, and how wrong in the end they were, IMHO).  
also, see here for pics of the commercial tie-ins. taken from the link given, which itself was shamelessly stolen from /.