Article from Slate about cool digital projects they came across.

An article about how one dad tries to keep up with his 8th grade daughter's homework load. This is just one week. I don't remember having that much in a semester.
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Good proggy to steam video from your machine (or phone) to your Chromecast using Chrome. I'd been looking for something that was more user-friendly than what I had been using. Thanks to Bear for the suggestion!
The Full Plate
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The Full Plate is a new way to make fabulous, home-cooked meals with less time and less hassle. The Full Plate offers ready-to-cook meals, developed by our very talented culinary professionals and made with fresh ingredients.  
In less than two hours at our store, you can assemble 8-12 meals, each serving four to six people. Meals can be split to serve fewer people. If you're really busy, let us make meals for you to pick up. Either way, you'll leave The Full Plate with enough food to stock your fridge or freezer and enjoy throughout the month. And, best of all, we do the planning, shopping, chopping, and cleanup for you!  
I suppose it's a neato idea enough, but puss'ing out of making dinner cause you're 'busy'? *shrug*
John Lyndon's website. Pretty interesting, and fairly well done. Lots of interviews, lyrics, news, and tons of opinions.
The theory of intelligent design (ID) holds that certain features of the universe and of living things are best explained by an intelligent cause rather than an undirected process such as natural selection. ID is thus a scientific disagreement with the core claim of evolutionary theory that the apparent design of living systems is an illusion.  
ID is controversial because of the implications of its evidence, rather than the significant weight of its evidence. ID proponents believe science should be conducted objectively, without regard to the implications of its findings. This is particularly necessary in origins science because of its historical (and thus very subjective) nature, and because it is a science that unavoidably impacts religion.  
Wikipedia's entry on Intelligent Design.  
The Skeptic's Dictionary's entry on Intelligent Design.  
cc:[gods and government]  
I do not in any way agree with this theory, but I have spent the past half an hour reading up on it on various sites, and found it post-worthy.
Film Site Locations
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Locations for film, television, video and photo shoots. An on-line resource guide for the location scout to filming locations throughout the Los Angeles area.  
Air America Radio's Public Voicemail is a way for disconnected people to communicate in the wake of Katrina.  
Here's how it works: Call the toll-free number above, enter your everyday phone number, and then record a message. Other people who know your everyday phone number (even if it doesn't work anymore) can call Emergency Voicemail, enter the phone number they associate with you, and hear your message.  
This is awsome. Whoever thought of it is a saint.
E85 is the term for motor fuel blends of 85 percent ethanol and just 15 percent gasoline. E85 is an alternative fuel as defined by the U.S. Department of Energy. Besides its superior performance characteristics, ethanol burns cleaner than gasoline; it is a completely renewable, domestic, environmentally friendly fuel that enhances the nation's economy and energy independence.  
Today, the U. S. imports more than half of its oil, and overall consumption continues to increase. By supporting ethanol production and use, U.S. drivers can help reverse that trend. 85% ethanol can reduce pollution. Government tests have shown that E85 vehicles reduce harmful hydrocarbon and benzene emissions when compared to vehicles running on gasoline. E85 can also reduce carbon dioxide (CO2), a harmful greenhouse gas and a major contributor to global warming.
NGO Research Guide
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As globalization and international trade impact societies, non-governmental organizations have become increasingly influential in world affairs. They are consulted by governments as well as international organizations like the United Nations which have created associative status for them. There are now tens of thousands of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in the world, operating in most countries. These organizations are not directly affiliated with any national government but often have a significant impact on the social, economic and political activity of the country or region involved. The World Bank has provided an extensive definition of NGOs.  
Here is a full list of NGOs searchable by subject, location, etc.  
Wiki entry on NGOs
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International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Associations  
The International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers & Associations is a non-profit, non-governmental Organization (NGO) representing national industry associations and companies from both developed and developing countries. Member companies of the IFPMA are research-based pharma-ceutical, biotech and vaccine companies.  
In the research and development pipeline, the pharmaceutical industry is working on more than 700 new medicines and vaccines for infectious diseases including HIV/AIDS, cancer, heart disease and stroke, and diseases that disproportionately affect women, such as osteoporosis.  
The main objectives of IFPMA are:  
1. To encourage a global policy environment that is conducive to innovation in medicine, both therapeutic and preventative, for the benefit of patients around the world;  
2. to contribute industry expertise and foster collaborative relationships and partnerships with international organizations, national institutions, governments and non-governmental organizations that are dedicated to the improvement of public health, especially in developing and emerging countries;  
3. To assure regular contact and experience-sharing and coordinate the efforts of its members towards the realisation of the above objectives.  
My sister, who lives in Switzerland, will be working for this group.
Instructions on how to change the oil in your car.
General Motors Corp. has started licensing its luxury car brand and logo to Kent International Inc., which has created a Cadillac Bicycles unit and is producing a line of mid- to high-end bikes. The bikes cost $500 to $1,900, according to the company.  
(Ah, reaching out to potential suckers while they're at its finest!)
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A fast and free way to send SMS text msgs for those of us who type faster than trying to punch it out on our phones.  
The only time you have to pay for the service is to send text msgs outside of the US, and even then it's affordable!
Welcome to the '80s TV Theme SuperSite. This site represents one of the largest collections of '80s television history on the internet. More than anything, it is a place for the nitty an obscure advertising jingle that has more sap than a Vermont tree, but is a priceless reflection of the zeitgeist. It is a favorite among many in "the business" not because of the usual primetime themes, but because of the mundane you'll find in the Potpourri, Promos, and Commercials sections.