Head Hunting: History
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shrunken head trade site..history and culture  
As more and more travelers engaged in this gruesome trade, it soon became necessary for the Peruvian and Ecuadorian governments to pass severe and expedient laws prohibiting the traffic of human heads. The laws were established to deter tourists and travelers who secured the tsantsa as curios and had no concept that their trade was actually perpetuating feuding and warfare between neighboring tribes. At one time the Jivaros had demanded a firearm for each tsantsa, which allowed him to continue their war against their enemies more successfully. This destructive cycle was continuously reinforced as new heads were acquired for further bartering.
Birobidzhan: Stalin's Forgotten Zion
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"In 1934 the Soviet Government established the Jewish Autonomous Region, popularly known as Birobidzhan, in a sparsely populated area some five thousand miles east of Moscow. Designated as the national homeland of Soviet Jewry, Birobidzhan was part of the Kremlin's effort to create an alternative to Palestine.  
The Jewish Autonomous Region still exists today. Drawing on photograph collections never seen outside Birobidzhan, this exhibit explores both the Kremlin's efforts to create a socialist Jewish homeland and reasons for the failure of the Birobidzhan experiment. The story of the Soviet Zion sheds light on a host of important historical and comtemporary issues regarding Jewish identity, community, and culture."  
this republic (part of Russia) can be found on the far east at the coast of the Pacific-ocean
In 1974, former Algerian President Houari Boumedienne said in a speech at the U.N.: "One day millions of men will leave the southern hemisphere to go to the northern hemisphere. And they will not go there as friends. Because they will go there to conquer it. And they will conquer it with their sons. The wombs of our women will give us victory." In other words, says Fallaci, what Islamic armies have not been able to do with force in more than 1,000 years can be achieved in less than a century through high birth rates. She cites as evidence a 1975 meeting of Islamic countries in Lahore, in which they announced their project to transform the flow of Muslim immigrants in Europe in "demographic preponderance." ..The "sons of Allah," as Fallaci calls them, do not make a secret of their plans. A Catholic bishop recounted that, during an interfaith meeting in Turkey, a respected Muslim cleric told the crowd: "Thanks to your democratic laws we will invade you. Thanks to our Islamic laws we will conquer you." ..According to Fallaci, the West has not realized that it is under attack, and that this war "wants to hit our soul rather than our body. Our way of life, our philosophy of life. Our way of thinking, acting and loving. Our freedom. Do not be fooled by their explosives. That is just a strategy. The terrorists, the kamikazes, do not kill us just for the sake of killing us. They kill us to bend us. To intimidate us, tire us, demoralize us, blackmail us."  
ok usually i dont post "newslinks" ;)  
but she has no website as far as i know ergo i have to do this exception  
her way of writing is amazing..you may not agree with all of her sayings but iam so glad that she publishes again  
Verdi Portal
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its about Le Maitre yes..his life, his works, librettos (in original, and yes the whole operas!), scretches from old plays, voice and video files downloadable..also contains images of Verdi opera scenes and pictures from his land  
summa sumarum: this site is dedicated to Verdi and to the italian opera
You must be of legal drinking age in your country of origin to enter this site. ;)  
High Park  
Highland Park is an odd name for a whisky not from the Scottish Highlands. How did it come about? Above Orkney's capital, Kirkwall, is a rise with fine views out to the northern isles.  
Since way back it had been known as the High Park and it was here that Magnus Eunson started to produce whisky in 1798. The position was just right, near to a source of fresh water and not far from a plentiful source of peat. It was also an excellent spot to watch out for the exciseman, for in 1798 most distillers operated outside the law. By 1826 when the distillery became legal the site had already become known as ‘Highland Park’.  
i love this site...mostly because of the Whisky Tales section
Oriland - Origami Page
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Oriland is the biggest, newest, and most imaginative paper world ever. This is a place where you can dream with your eyes open. You don't need tickets! Come and celebrate a World Wide Web carnival of colors and paper with all your Oriland friends on this spectacular origami show!  
Take a Balloon Ride to all Oriland Kingdoms!  
The Real English Patient
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László Ede Almásy (1895-1951), the important Hungarian desert researcher is a real person, while its character in the Oscar- winner film, The English patient, is mostly fictious. The task of this web page is to give a short biography of one of the last romantic geographic explorers of our planet.  
the mysterious Mrs. Cliffton was really a Clayton and they never had an romantical thing going on..rather they had some kind of race to find the oasis of Zarzura  
Almásy didnt die in the war..he died after it.  
The hungarian authorities under soviet influence jailed him accusing him with collaborating the nazis..but he was drafted into the german army as a geographer and an adviser and he never had anything to do with the nazis ..later he cleaned his name and was released from the interrogation
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Seen from space, the African continent stares out like a vast and dusty eye amid a calm sea of blue and green. She looms large, daring all who see her to comprehend her mysteries.  
Even as we have ventured into the cosmos, we have only just begun to understand the strange and ancient realm of…the Sahara.  
this site is a nice spot to start exploring the great land  
Gothic Flash Design
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nicely designed bilingual flash site
Create Your Own Celtic Knots
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just pick the colour and the lines and then click the draw button..you may even want to print it and rush to a tattoo salon..or you may not
American Pictures
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not so nice design but the pictures are amazing  
the photographers own words:  
"Note: at present I only have a few hundred of my American pictures up on this site - mostly scanned in poor quality. I am looking for funding to help scan all the 3000 photos from the slideshow in high quality in order to make them available in a searchable database on the internet and on an educational interactive DVD about racism. There will also be photographic life stories on most of the people and families I have followed photographically for almost 30 years - all too often from cradle to grave - as well as interviews and videos."
Europe at War 1914-1945
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iam posting this because i do believe that because of the enlargement of the European Union these things never happen in my smaller (Hungary) and bigger (Europe) homeland again  
CNN got it wrong..EU is not just a big tradeunion..EU means true fraternité  
"The Twentieth Century was a century of warfare. How are these terrible events remembered today in different European countries? Do different nations remember the same events in the same way? Are there things that they would prefer to forget? Paths of Memory is a website which seeks to answer these questions. It considers how the First World War, the Spanish Civil War and the Second World War were experienced in six different European countries."
some really nice photos from the foggy Albion..check the Architecture & Buildings Gallery..the first image of a cemetary..amazing how the gravestones get together on a sunny day;)
"Denmark consists of the Jutland peninsula and more than 400 islands of which the largest are Zealand and Funen. Copenhagen, Denmark's capital, is located on Zealand.  
Among the many ferry routes which have linked the Danish islands for centuries, by far the most important has been the route across the Great Belt between Funen and Zealand. Over the years, however, storms and hard winters have frequently disrupted ferry services across the Great Belt.  
On June 12, 1986 the Danish Parliament approved the construction of a fixed link across the Great Belt. Following 12 years of intensive construction work, H.M. Queen Margrethe II of Denmark inaugurated on June 14, 1998 what had then become the largest engineering project in the history of Denmark, The Great Belt Fixed Link."  
infos about vehicles,speedlimits etc...note also that the bridge is able to "move" horizontally even meters if its very windy
Band Photos
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some really good (and rare) pictures of famous bands  
Captain Beefheart,Black Sabbath,Deep Purple,Linkin Park,Queen,The Clash,Cat Stevens,Uriah Heep,Rolling Stones...this one for example is when Rolling Stones filming video at the London Marquee Club, February 1971