After seven kids, the mother in a "Full Quiver" marriage reflects on some of the issues with raising a large family on a limited income.
Because if you can have kids, you probably should...  
But seriously... the quiverfull "movement" makes a scripture-based argument that birth control is bad, and you should just have as many kids as you happen to have.  
ABC News Nightline just did a story on some of these guys. They're sorta being portrayed as ultra-right nut-cases, and who knows, maybe they are. But I suspect they're more to these guys beliefs than you can cram in a 30 minute spot.
Open Cell Phone
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I think this is now the official home of the TuxPhone. A homebrew mobile device created by Surj Patel, Deva Seetharam and Colin Cross (with a very small amount of input from me.)  
It's not as sleek or sexy as that Motorola RAZR and the interface is a bit less polished than the Treo, but heck, you can build it yourself and put your own software on it. w00t!
This is the group in Sili Valley that gets together each month to talk about (and show off) home-build mobile phones. The idea is that we're gradually going to make phones that hardware-wise are probably a little less compelling than what you get from the carriers, but software wise are very, very cool.
DIY Mobile Phone
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Tired of the crap phones your carrier is trying to push on you? Well.. here's a club for you...
The Light Cone
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Enter your birth-date and the Light Cone will tell you which stars fall within that many light-years. Useful if you're trying to figure out which evening attractions fall within the reach of your "increasingly large sphere of causality."  
Strangely compelling.
Texas Instruments, CBS and the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) has built this page as an educational resource for teachers and parents interested in teaching kids math. It's a tie-in with CBS' show NUMB3RS which, because I haven't plugged my TV in for the last several months, I haven't seen.  
I dunno... I was a bit of a fan of Square One's Math-Net segments. If NUMB3RS makes math education easier, sure, I might plug my TV in again.
What better way to develop a "buzz" for your mobile phone than giving them away to bloggers? Well... maybe Sprint should have tried to make the LG phone they're pushing on bloggers... oh... I don't know... good?  
Joel "Joel on Software" Spolsky reviews the LG Fusic mobile phone along with the Sprint Power Vision service.  
Not safe for work, if you work at LG or Sprint.
Popular in early computer designs for their low cost, Chiclet Keyboards were universally reviled by users due to their bad ergonomics. I mean seriously, have you ever heard anyone say, "Oh.. I'm just going to go back to the office and practice touch typing on my IBM PC Junior?" Well... there's a reason you don't hear things like that.  
So what were the Apple executives smoking when they decided to go with a chiclet keyboard for their new MacBook computers?  
This site includes main points of the brief, but secret history of the chiclet keyboard.
Homebrew Mobile Phone Club
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In the tradition of the Homebrew Computer Club of Silicon Valley's golden age, a group of l33t h4x0r are forming the Homebrew Mobile Phone Club. The idea here is people are locked out from reprogramming their mobiles; the club is a place for people who feel it's time to fix the UI's in their mobiles and add features that would just never be profitable enough for 02, Vodaphone or T-Mobiel.
So the thing I always said I appreciated about Microsoft is their ability to put their fingers in a lot of different pies. I think it was Robert X. Cringely who pointed out that in 1989 at Microsoft's booth at CES, you could find floor space dediated to DOS, Xenix and OS/2 as well as the fledgling Windows. In short... they didn't know what the future would bring, so they adopted a flexible "let's cover all our bases" strategy.  
So I'm not terribly surprised to discover that Microsoft has an Open Source lab buried deep, deep in it's corporate vault. I'm sure that as much as Gates and Ballmer like to bash open source, the last thing they want to do is to get surprised by it. Of course... were I them, I'm not sure I would let my Open Source labs folks blog about it...
MacOS X on Dell PCs?
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It's rarely cool when friends dig up old email and post them in public.  
However... this time around it's okay. A couple weeks ago I sent out an email to some friends speculating that the planets were properly aligned to have MacOS-X jump from machines with fruit on the front to more "business-like" PCs.  
Industry maven Robert X. Cringely apparently has the same idea, and this all of the sudden made my old email instant fodder for a blog posting.  
So if you're a Mac guy, you might find it interesting. If you're a WinTel guy and you like to try new things while waiting for Vista to eventually escape Redmond, it might be worth a read.
John Young has this collection of pictures from the recent demonstrations. Good pix. Cool stuff if you go in for this sort of thing.
This one's for Psychomike...  
I don't know where this comes from or why. I couldn't watch the whole thing.  
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Japan - It's not all raw fish.  
When you're tired of the foreign-ness of Tokyo and have had enough of German tourists gawkin' at the Golden Temple in Kyoto, visit JAPUNDIT. They've got a rokin' podcast featuring all things Japanese... like people speaking english and bluegrass music. (As god is my witness, the Meiji University Mandolin Choir is still my favorite Japanese music act...)  
There are ocassional pictures of asian women wearing swim-suits and stuff, and I've had bosses that kinda frowned on people visiting such sites during work hours, so I'm going to mark this one NSFW.