Of course, the Chinese have not right at all to say such a thing.  
Or do they have a point?
One problem immediately rears its head: the sightings are so good, they are too good. Yes the cases are famous spawning television documentaries and books and mainstream news reporting.  
But as I quoted in a previous entry in this blog " if a conspiracy theory turns out to be correct, it is quickly relabelled as investigative journalism"and this applies to the Triangles. Because they do have many of the characteristics of actual objects sighted by many people, including "credible" authorities, the reaction outside of the Spooky Paradigm is to admit the sightings may be of something real, but that it must be something exotic, but not too exotic.
A ‘fatwa’ calling upon Muslims to wage a “jihad against non-governmental organisations”, including the UN and human rights organisations, has been distributed in Darra Adamkhel.  
The ‘fatwa’ urges the people to attack workers, offices and vehicles of the NGOs “promoting the agenda of the Jews and Christians"  
Some people just don't understand Human Rights.
In 1947, the FBI considered this anti-cosummerist message as subsersive Communist propaganda. The FBI thought the movie smeared American values such as wealth and free enterprise while glorifying anti-American values such as the triumph of the common man  
We can look back at the FBI report with scorn and ridicule. But are we really that much more enlightened today as a society?  
Alek Komarnitsky's controllable Christmas lights started out as a hoax, but now Komarnitsky is using Linux to power the controllable Christmas lights for real in order to bring attention to celiac disease.  
Since Komarnitsky is based in Lafayette, Colo., just an hour or so away from my home in Denver, I decided to drive up and see the lights for myself. I toured Komarnitsky's home and looked over his controllable Christmas light setup, and talked to him about the history of the project.
Human Rights for All
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Would you believe there are some folks who think that some folks who don't deserve human rights?  
Espcially in cases of cultural conflict and other disagreement?  
Of course, it isn't just limited to Iran vs Isreal, or Bin Laden vs the USA.  
Sometimes it involves those funny people down the street as well....
Youth for Human Rights is an educational program for use in schools promoting awareness of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  
They have since produced a complete set of videos and educational materials illustrating each of them In a simplified form for children and adults.  
Very professionally done, and freely available for download.
It is generally accepted by most scholars that Christ was born sometime between 7BC and 1 BC. There are a number of historical markers that allow us to pin the date down to this time period. There were also some incredibly spectacular astronomical events that occurred during this period as well. Let us first look at the historical background.  
During this period, the Roman Empire was enjoying a time of unparalleled peace and prosperity. Augustus Caesar, the Roman emperor, had begun to recall many of his troops in outlying provinces starting in 7 BC and release them from duty. In the year 2 BC Rome celebrated its 750th year since it was founded, as determined by the records of the Roman priests - the Romans at that time determined that Rome was built in the year 753 BC. This also coincided with the 25th jubilee year of the reign of Caesar Augustus as Emperor of the Romans.  
In August of 2 BC there were great festivals in Rome and throughout the provinces and kingdoms allied with Rome. People came to the festivities from all over the Empire and beyond. Also, in 2 BC, Augustus finally dedicated, after many delays, the new Forum bearing his name. But possibly the most significant event that occurred in 2 BC was that Augustus was given his most prestigious title, the highest honor that could be bestowed on any Roman - that of “Pater Patriae”, or “Father of the Country”. A decree went out from Augustus that required “the entire Roman people” to register their approval of Augustus receiving this title, before it could be bestowed upon him. This oath took place in the late summer and early fall of 3 BC and was required of all Roman citizens and others of distinguished rank among the client kingdoms associated with Rome. By the year 2 BC, Augustus was seen by the Romans as the “Prince of Peace.”  
This universal census of allegiance to Augustus was demanded of those who claimed any kind of authority within the Empire. It was also required of any person, most notably the Jewish communities, who could trace their ancestry back to the great Jewish royal families. Jesus’ parents, Mary and Joseph, both being descendants of King David, fell into this category. They, among others, were required to swear an oath that neither they, nor any of their offspring would usurp the throne. It was Jewish custom that, during such a census, each travel to the city of their ancestry. In the case of Mary and Joseph, this city was the city of David - Bethlehem.
To press forward in the Duke University lacrosse case, District Attorney Mike Nifong must rely on scanty evidence while deflecting serious questions about whether he broke the law or violated the ethics rules governing prosecutors.  
The State Bar has received multiple complaints demanding that he be disbarred. A congressman has called on the U.S. Justice Department to investigate him. And when the case returns to court, Nifong might have to explain repeated misrepresentations to judges about what evidence he had and why he did not disclose it all, as state law requires.
Three Franklin boys who were out spreading holiday cheer by singing songs of the season and strumming guitars had a run-in Wednesday night with a Franklin police officer who thought they might be drug dealers.  
"What is the world coming to when Christmas carolers are frisked by the police?" wondered Michele Mayzik, the mother of one of the boys, 16-year-old Jasper Mayzik.
1400 CC T-Rex
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fun little hybrid vehicle half car, half motorbike  
includes photos and a decent Video towards the bottom
Maybe I am taking conspiracy theories too seriously, but I am worried to detect, in those mad mixtures of knee-jerk disbelief, punctilious demands for proofs, and free use of powerful explanation from the social neverland, many of the weapons of social critique.  
Of course conspiracy theories are an absurd deformation of our own arguments, but, like weapons smuggled through a fuzzy border to the wrong party, these are our weapons nonetheless. In spite of all the deformations, it is easy to recognize, still burnt in the steel, our trade mark: MADE IN CRITICALLAND.
Merry Christmas to everyone!  
My sincere congratulations to everyone for the Glorious and Auspicious Birthday of Divine Prophet - confirmed and authenticated by Gabriel, the angel of Divine revelation - the Obedient of Almighty God, Jesus Christ, the Messiah (peace be upon Him)
A couple accused of caging some of their 11 adopted special-needs children were convicted of some felony and misdemeanor charges today.  
As seen here, A psychologist testifying for Michael and Sharen Gravelle said on Thursday that the enclosed beds were appropriate for their adopted special-needs children.
Alaskan attorney, Jim Gottstein, says that after being served with a mandatory injunction, he has returned the internal Eli Lilly documents that he obtained in litigation and provided to the New York Times to the court. Information from the documents related to Lilly's antipsychotic drug, Zypexa, was highlighted two days in a row in front-page articles in the Times  
The documents reveal the illegal marketing schemes used by Lilly to make Zyprexa its best-seller, which the company has managed to keep hidden for years by entering into out of court settlements in civil lawsuits which included confidentiality clauses and by getting judges to place the documents under protective orders to shield them from public view.
and a fine can of worms it is. and it gets better.