Hemp Plastic
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This company is trying to make 100% plant fibre based plastic alternative possible for use in our everyday lives.
K&K Mimes Ministies
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Can you think of a better way to get the gospel out than two mimes?
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ThudGuard helps protects that lil noggin. I needed one of these growing up as a kid. My head was huge as a kid and I always seemed to either fall on it or hit it on everything.
Give a Towel
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I am 23 years old, I am in a wheelchair. Alot of the time I can't use a public bathroom.; If the space and the bar are on the right side. I can't lift my control, and slide my butt over. Plus there is no easy place to put my control.; So most of the time I have to lay a towel across my lap and aim as best as possible.
RFID Vulnerability Exposed
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A vulnerability in radio-frequency ID chips Latest News about Chip could put millions of users of wireless Latest News about wireless car key tags or speed pass payment devices at risk, according to a recent study by researchers at Johns Hopkins University and RSA Laboratories.Using a relatively simple electronic device, criminals could wirelessly probe a car key tag or payment tag and then use the information obtained from the probe to crack the cryptographic key on the tag, Ari Juels, principal research scientist at RSA, explained.
Only 1 in 6 users of Internet search engines can tell the difference between unbiased search results and paid advertisements, a new survey finds.advertisementClick HereThe Pew Internet and American Life Project reported Sunday that adults online in the United States are generally naive when it comes to how search engines work.
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Bikes4rent.com is the first nationwide online bicycle rental service. Our goal is to provide cyclists with the most convenient and highest quality bicycle rental experience regardless of location, to provide bike shops with increased rentals while reducing customer service effort, and to promote bicycling as a healthy and environmentally friendly form of transportation and recreation.
iPods Store Medical Images
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Two radiologists recently developed open-source software, called OsiriX, to display and manipulate complex medical images on the popular portable devices called iPods. The most current version of OsiriX, which speeds up some processes and fixes crash-causing bugs, was released on Tuesday.
MonkeyMeter.com rates the current road rage levels based on your input. To see how your city ranks view our "National Averages" page. Got something to say...visit our Venting Page. The site is simple to use, quick, and no membership required. Submit as often as you like.
Performance Sculpture
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Nick isnt Normal. Normal lives with his wife and two kids in a quiet suburb in Florida. On the other hand, cross a behaviourial psychologist and a sculptor and you'll get Nick Rodrigues.Bump into him on the streets, and chances are if he hasn’t honked at you yet, hes probably busy on the phone in his portable phone booth
The United States government has passed legislation that will eventually require all new passenger vehicles to be equipped with tire pressure monitoring systems.What type of systems are being used now? How do they work? Which works the best?Have you ever seen a vehicle with one or more tires that appear noticeably low on tire pressure? Didn't you want to warn the driver of the situation before a slight inconvenience became a calamity? What if the vehicle with the low tires is the one you're driving? Wouldn't you want to be warned?
Granted, computer terminology is frequently complicated and misleading. But shouldn't people know what they own?
Here are the Top Ten most outrageous statements we have heard this year from members of the media. From anti-Semitic comments and attacks on women, gays, and lesbians to reprehensible acceptance of the Abu Ghraib prisoner torture, these statements are acutely representative of the conservative hate speech we found in the news media:
Each week the Magazine picks out snippets from the week's news - interesting newsbites that we learn along the way, and find their way into 10 Things We Didn't Know This Time Last Week every Saturday. So at the end of the year, here is an almanac of those things we learned.
Flying Carpet
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An 'ultrasonic radar' system, or a special sensormat, tracks the position of people on a carpet. The carpet's pattern bounces away as people walk, and rebounds when they are gone. Designed for public spaces, clubs and entrance halls