Pod Mod talks with the duo behind Seattle modular synthesizer company Noise Engineering and touches on topics as varied as product naming, endangered animals, and the ladies of modular.

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Add the 4th amendment to government license plate databases by wearing this shirt/jacket/etc.

Dana Gould talks to Mallory O’Meara, author of The Lady From the Black Lagoon. It tells the story of Millicent Patrick, who worked in the Universal Studios makeup department in the early 1950’s. She created the Creature From The Black Lagoon, which was a landmark moment in film, but credit was stolen by a man with far less talent.

The Dana Gould Hour consistently covers topics I don't really care about with such humor and affection that I eagerly await every new episode.

A haphazard list of music from one of the genre’s finest.
Noted chef, restauranteur, and personality Dave Chang goes deep with Michael Schur, of The Good Place/Parks & Recreation/Brooklyn 99/The Office fame. A thoughtful discussion of ethics and moral philosophy in the workplace follows.
Several items have been banned by the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA), the industry body that hosts the annual event, such as Dizzy Blonde, Slack Alice, Leg-Spreader and Village Bike. It’s not just the names of the products that are of concern, but some also have descriptions that cause offense, such as Slack Alice, which is described as ‘a little tart’. The new stance on sexist products also includes inappropriate designs of pin-up girls on beer pump clips and bottle labels.
Tig Notaro's humor is both silly and dry. It's a winning combination and Conan is clearly delighted to spend some quality time with her. The feeling is contagious and accompanied by giggles.
Worng's modules are exciting because, among other things, they serve as a reminder that there's still plenty of unexplored territory in the Eurorack space. I'm particularly excited by this module because it allows you to create a complex soundstage in realtime, which should really open up improvised live performances.
Donald Trump is the great mono-story of our time. Unless you’ve been away from the planet for a while, you know cable news is all Trump, all the time; Trumpworld is social media’s mesmerizingly dystopian subdivision. Yet the fixation with our president’s juvenile leadership style overlooks a deeper one: America’s obsession with eternal adolescence.
Poolside FM
The best interweb radio station in the world. Swimwear optional.
Make Noise MATHS

The MATHS music synthesizer module is an analog computer designed for musical purposes. It is likely the most popular Eurorack modular synthesizer module due to its seemingly endless and varied functionality.

I’ve truly loved everything I’ve ever heard from Barry Adamson, But I didn’t really know much about him. Now I do. That’s quite a history.
From female urinals for festivals to pissoirs on the streets of Paris, here are six of the freshest outdoor urinals designs for peeing in the fresh air.

In the early hours of Monday morning, Israeli armed forces began their biggest demolition push since 1967 in Wadi Hummus, in the Palestinian Sur Baher neighbourhood southeast of Jerusalem. Palestinians and international activists attempted to resist the demolitions, for which they were greeted with brute force, with dozens reporting injuries from tear-gassing and beatings from Israeli forces.

Since the demolitions began, videos have emerged on social media showing Israeli soldiers and police revelling in the demolitions. One particular video shows a masked soldier counting down from 10 before pressing a demolition button and blowing up a Palestinian building in the background.

An Israeli border policeman standing next to him pats him on the back, smiling and laughing, before the two turn around and pose for a picture in front of the smoke and rubble. The masked soldier turns to the border policeman and says "kol hakavod", literally meaning all the respect in Hebrew but in this case translating to "good job". In the background, you can hear the jeers and adulation from other soldiers.
Duck Duck Go
An excellent search engine that also happens to be dedicated to privacy. It's been my default search for a decade.