What would happen if you put a piano keyboard in an IRC chatroom and said have at it?
Thanksgiving Coffee
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Founded in 1972 by Joan and Paul Katzeff, Thanksgiving Coffee has long been a pioneer in transforming the coffee business. Our philosophy blends business and politics; our goal is to be a force for change in support of social and economic justice, and environmental sustainability.  
I came across this site as they are one of the only resellers of coffee beans from Laos. They roast the beans that they purchase in Northern California. You can purchase coffee from specific countries or unique blends. My favorites so far? The Laoation and the Ethiopian. Also includes info on how to brew the perfect cup.
Bracebridge Dinner
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In a manor hall with fifty-foot beamed ceilings and huge windows looking out to snow-clad mountains, this celebrated Yuletide extravaganza allows guests to travel to a Christmas that is rich in every aspect. In a perfect balance of the mystical mixed with mirth, this 3-1/2 hour holiday feast transports guests to old England as Squire Bracebridge welcomes all to "food and riches without measure, joining voices raised in festive sound. Let our conviviality abound!" A splendid array of singers, jugglers and court characters tell the story of Lord Merrick Bracebridge and his household, while guests are entertained and tended by an attentive Bracebridge staff.  
I have the honor of attending one of these performances here in Yosemite at the Ahwahnee Hotel. It should be a scrumptious treat as I've tasted their leftovers for 3 days now and the food is outstanding! And from the glimpses I see and the singing I hear ... it seems to be a great experience!
Stone Nudes Photography
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Stone Nudes is a photographic project that captures the essense of the climbing spirit.  
There is some amazing photography here -- all black and white and very well presented. Female climbers doing what they enjoy -- climbing. Site includes links to posters, calendars and galleries.
Over Khumbu
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"The idea of flying has been with mankind as long as there have been birds, and I think there's a universal fascination with free flight." -- Dale Covington  
In 2003 a group of paragliders traveled into Nepal to give back to the Sherpa communities that had given so much to western civilization. The gift of free flight. Paragliding at high altitudes.  
Site includes awesome videos, diary entries and some of the most amazing photos I've ever seen.
Son of Death Ride
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That which doesn't kill us makes us stronger!!  
The son of the death ride is a bicycle ride happening for the first time this year down near Bakersfield (up in Kern Co. near Kernville and Lake Isabella for those of you who know the area).  
1 Mountain Range  
1 Monster Pass  
132 Miles  
19,000ft of Climbing  
I'm doing it!!
This is quite an amazing site -- from the awesome pictures of rescues in action to the search and rescue team reports. This is an amazing site!  
FOYOSAR is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the vision of Yosemite Search and Rescue: to continue to be a world-class search and rescue organization. To do that we seek monetary and in-kind tax-deductible contributions to bridge the gap between Federal funding and YOSAR’s actual budgetary needs.
Fat Sloper Action
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Slopers are just what they sound like. Holds on a climb that are.. well.. slopey. They have their own technique for holding on and not being ejected into empty space.  
The definition from the site says:  
For those uninitiated Slopers are curved, rounded holds good to train on and great to hold. They allow climbers to make fantastic moves off seemingly impossible holds, they make you place your body and use your loaf like no other holds can. FSA is all about the Sloper.  
I came across the site because of their "Science for Brushing Slopers" section which was (all at once) hilarious and impressive. Now where do I get a set of of vernier-scale calipers to find the "Slope Area of Hangable Units"?
John Muir Live
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Lee Stetson's plays include three one-person shows based on the life of the naturalist John Muir, and a fourth based on both Muir and President Theodore Roosevelt. These productions, with Mr. Stetson in the title role, have been presented in Yosemite National Park since 1983 to more than a quarter of a million visitors. Additionally, the Muir shows have toured throughout the country to universities, parks, museums, wilderness and environmental organizations from Washington D.C. to Hawaii. Mr. Stetson lectures frequently on the arts and the environment, and spends a considerable portion of his time promoting the performing arts in the national parks. Lee's career has included founding and managing the Hawaii Performing Arts Company, being the Artistic Manager of both the Hawaii Theatre Festival and the Antique Theatre Festival of Idaho, and freelance directing throughout the Northwest and in Los Angeles. As an actor he has performed more than fifty major roles from Shakespeare to Simon, and his television credits include a dozen episodes of Hawaii 5-0  
He's been performing in Yosemite for 22 years. I saw him for the first time in Yosemite 20 years ago(!). This year I had the opportunity to see him twice -- each time it's a treat and really makes you want to go live in the footsteps of the great spirit of John Muir
News and more info on being a bike messenger in New York City. Includes recent community news and race results as well as a great FAQ and information about a good "Know Your Rights" section.
Griffen Bicycles
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In the late sixties, the government gave UCLA research labs a grant to develop a material that would replace aluminum. The material needed to be stiffer and stronger than aluminum, lighter than aluminum with no fatigue life. To achieve these results they developed a material - boron carbide ceramic metal matrix. They used boron carbide, the hardest known material next to a diamond. When boron carbide is mixed with aluminum it significantly strengthens and stiffens the aluminum. They also developed a process to make this new material. The process yielded a mechanical bond vs. a chemical bond, which is most commonly used. They mechanically combined aluminum, boron carbide, titanium, nickel zinc and copper.  
This is going to be the frame maker for my next bicycle -- anyone who uses a boron carbide/aluminum mix gets two thumbs up from me! Now if only their frames weren't so expensive.
DMM Climbing Equipment
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DMM makes the Wallnuts -- some of my most favorite nuts to place while climbing. DMM also makes other climbing gear -- from biners to belay devices to ice axes to quickdraws. A very wide selection of very high quality climbing gear.  
About 5 months ago I was on a route that I had to retreat off of -- I had to leave my DMM Wallnut #2 behind. I finally remembered to get one and had it replaced yesterday.  
My rack of DMM nuts is complete once more!
Cows With Guns
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Dana Lyons is the singer/songwriter best known for his hit song Cows With Guns, which went to #1 for the year on Dr. Demento, #2 on the Australian Country Charts and remained on Seattle’s Top 40 for over 10 months. Dana’s song “RV” reached the Top 5 on Dr. Demento and nine of Dana’s tunes have hit the Top 40 on MP3.com.  
Dana’s singing has taken him to conventions, festivals, universities and grange halls all over the world. He is a dynamic performer whose beautiful voice and sharp wit make him an excellent entertainer for all age groups in a wide variety of situations.  
I came across his music because of the childrens book he wrote, "The Tree". Site has links to free MP3s, photos and more! With songs like: I'd Go Anywhere To Fight For Oil To Lubricate The Red White & Blue, Recycle Wrap, and Cows with Guns -- well you just can't go wrong!  
[free music friday]
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Gourmet scented pencils -- I remember grape scented pencils from when I was in 3rd through 6th grade. They were great! Every time you sharpened them you would get the newly sharpened pencil smell along with this grape smell.  
And yes - they really are pencils made from rolled sheets of newspaper - instead of wood. You can even see the layers of newspaper when you sharpen them! They sharpen the same as all other wood pencils and they SMELL WAY BETTER! Not only do they smell great, but they're good for the environment too.
Tarp Tent
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I was hunting around for a super lightweight shelter and someone pointed me towards Tarp Tent. A 2 person shelter that weighs a scant 24.5 ounces? Unbelievable!  
Tarptents are ultralight, mobile shelters that shed everything from flying bugs to summer snow. Elegant and airy, Tarptents set up virtually anywhere. Designed by and for the outdoor enthusiast, Tarptents keep you dry and sane no matter the elements. Made in the U.S.A and constructed of the lightest and highest quality materials available, Tarptents let you focus on the joy of the journey, not on the pain of getting there.