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From NBC News and the Associated Press, we have new images and video of the South Asian tsunami disaster. The death toll could now hit 40,000 (AP story from one hour ago: Tsunami death toll mounts to nearly 55,000), officials say.  
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Where To From Here?
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The election of 2004 is now history. It’s time to ponder our next four years. Will our country become freer, richer, safer, and more peaceful, or will we continue to suffer from lost civil liberties, a stagnant economy, terrorist threats, and an expanding war in the Middle East and central Asia? Surely the significance of the election was reflected in its intensity and divisiveness.
Congressman Ron Paul today (December 7, 2004) denounced the national ID card provisions contained in the intelligence bill being voted on in the U.S. House of Representatives, while urging his colleagues to reject the bill and its new layers of needless bureaucracy.  
The Liberty Committee - If you were a member of Congress, would you vote "yes" on a 3,000 page bill that you never had a chance to read?  
Google News - Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act
WTC Families For Proper Burial
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In order to alert the public to a gross indignity being committed against those killed on September 11, 2001, our advocacy group "WTC Families for Proper Burial Inc." has been established. The group includes 9/11 family members, friends, and concerned citizens from across the United States and abroad. We seek to inform the general public of the injustice of leaving the ashen remains of those killed at the WTC in a garbage dump, the Fresh Kills landfill in Staten Island. The City of New York has taken the position that the ashen remains should not be removed from the landfill.  
Washington Post - Landfill remains grave to 9/11 ash
Reject Draft Slavery
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I rise to oppose HR 163 in the strongest possible terms. The draft, whether for military purposes or some form of “national service,” violates the basic moral principles of individual liberty upon which this country was founded.
Glass is an image gallery for glass artists. There are 727 Artists, 3307 Gallery Pages, and 23860 Images. and are free art gallery sites created and hosted by Molten.  
In an effort to help provide support to glass artists in this time of government oppression, has begun featuring glass artwork on consignment from glass artists affected by Operation Pipe Dreams. The majority of proceeds from each consignment piece will go directly to the artist(s) who created it.
Patriot TV
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Patriot Television is a worldwide video broadcasting service intended to promote a pro-U.S. Constitutional viewpoint. It will provide timely news, documentaries, talk shows, and freedom-oriented programming from the grassroots level up. PTV is intended to unify the patriot community, foster interaction, and serve as a viable alternative to the controlled media. It aims to empower freedom-loving individuals all over the globe to serve as correspondents and journalists in much the same way as public cable access has enabled patriots to inform and educate their local communities. This network has been a plan in the making since at least 2002, but was only recently put together by a small group of individuals spending endless hours programming and building a private network of computers that span a number of states across the Republic.  
My good friend Thad from Phase III put this together and its first day up was Monday, September 6th. We've worked together on a few small projects in the past, and I'm proud to have been able to help him a little with this gigantic project. You should really check this out. Thad has put an incredible amount of time and effort into this. He has his own show and one of these days you'll see me on here too. Enjoy!
We must take effective measures to protect ourselves from a terrorist attack. That does not mean rushing to embrace legislation that in the long run will do little to stop terrorism, but will do a great deal to undermine the very way of life we should be protecting. Just as we must not allow terrorists to threaten our lives, we must not allow government to threaten our liberties. We should reject the notion of a national identification card.
I threw this webpage together tonight. It contains quotes from news articles and pictures of the damage done by tropical storm Gaston here in Richmond, Virginia where I currently live. Damage could easily exceed $15 million. Record levels of rainfall. Over a foot in a matter of hours. Crazy stuff here.
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Over 3000 Links to Anti-Bush Sites, Progressive Sites, U.S. Coup in Haiti, Gov. 'Gropenator', Voting Machine Fraud, Weblogs, News, Activist Tools, Campus Activism, & Yahoo! Message Boards.  
Good resource. Bookmark
The Timeline Index
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The Timeline Index is a portal of people, events, periods and places in a chronological context. Search by word to find your subject. Insert dates to find a specific year or period. Select by category to find the links in a chronological order and context. You can also change the order and view from present-to-past.  
Interesting and informative website. I found it because they link to my website.
I found this video recently (I think from the BBC) where both Colin Powell and Condoleeza Rice state Saddam Hussein is not a threat to the United States. Both statements are from 2001 before September 11th. This is a small (1mb) WMV file.  
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Search InfoWars
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This free service was designed to help listeners and viewers of the Alex Jones show easily locate articles, news and links posted on the massive, and network of web sites.
It has been a difficult month for Robin and Daphne Wild. In July last year, their son Richard was murdered in Iraq, shot in the back of the head as he crossed the road in Baghdad.  
Since then, the parents of the Cambridge University graduate have tried to piece together the events of that day. Mr and Mrs Wild - who feel they have been hindered, rather than helped, by the Foreign Office at every turn - have come to a startling conclusion; they believe their son’s murder was ordered by the CIA.  
The Wilds are intelligent, educated people, not generally given to conspiracy theories or flights of fancy. The tale of their horrendous year is told in simple, moving terms, with a constant air of disbelief at what has happened.