Magic Cube 5D
Remember the 4-Dimensional Rubik's Cube (posted previously)? Well those same crazies stuck yet another dimension onto the already brain-defying 3D version of the Rubik's cube. "Enjoy".  
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Woot Watchers
Woot watchers watches, the online bargain-a-day retailer. Previously linked here  
WootWatchers will notify you via Email or SMS of the latest Woot so that you will always be in the know. Wikipedia even talks about woot. Never again miss the Bag 'O Crap!  
Featuring: Super non-patented highly technical woot-off detection. Never miss a second of the latest Woot-off
Similar to the online CSV to XML converter except it's a free desktop download and can handle much larger csv files, more xml formats, and other options.
This is a simple, but useful tool that will convert a comma-delimited spreadsheet into a formatted xml document. If you're working with software that receives XML information, you can use excel to input your data, save as a .CSV, and convert it to an XML representation online, free and fast.  
The only downside is that it's limited to ~100k. Still, that's a fairly significant chunk of data.
New EyeTracking Study verifies the importance of page position and rank in both Organic and PPC search results for visibility and click through.  
A joint eye tracking study conducted by search marketing firms Enquiro and Did-it and eye tracking firm Eyetools has shown that the vast majority of eye tracking activity during a search happens in a triangle at the top of the search results page indicating that the areas of maximum interest create a “golden triangle.”  
See the down-right (or up-left, I should say) fascinating image here
Hollywood star Angelina Jolie wants to quit making movies - because she's bored of the filmmaking process.  
The brunette beauty, currently starring in Mr and Mrs Smith opposite Brad Pitt, is disillusioned after a number of reshoots delayed the release of the action comedy.  
And Jolie would rather devote her time to travelling, spending time with her adopted four-year-old son Maddox, and pursuing her work as an ambassador for the UN.  
This may not be her intent, but quitting at her height is a great, great idea. It worked for Bettie Paige, and it will certainly work for her. Good going Jolie!
America Online (AOL) Monday launched its web-based email services with 2GB storage capacity.  
Switched link to one with more content
Senator Arlen Specter, the Pennsylvania Republican and chief sponsor of a bill to expand federal financing for human embryonic stem cell research, issued a stark challenge to President Bush on Wednesday, saying he had enough votes in the Senate to override a presidential veto of the measure.  
"I don't like veto threats, and I don't like statements about overriding veto threats," Mr. Specter said, speaking at a news conference where the House backers of the measure presented him the legislation, which passed the House on Tuesday, topped with a red bow.  
"But if a veto threat is going to come from the White House, then the response from the Congress is to override the veto, if we can," Mr. Specter added. "Last year we had a letter signed by some 58 senators, and we had about 20 more in the wings. I think if it really comes down to a showdown, we will have enough in the United States Senate to override a veto."  
Courtesy of DemocraticUnderground
With Senate debate on two of President Bush's most controversial judicial nominees beginning May 18, the heated rhetoric over the so-called "nuclear option" to ban Senate filibusters on judicial nominations has reached its boiling point. The rules of the Senate thus far remain intact, but filibuster opponents have pulled all rhetorical stops, advancing numerous falsehoods and distortions, and, as Media Matters for America documents below, the media have too often perpetuated that misinformation by unskeptically, and sometimes even deliberately, repeating it.  
I know just mentioning the Media Matters organization will get me at least a couple 1-votes. They may be blatantly partisan, but I've always found them to support their claims liberally (ha!) with links and info.
George Galloway, recently accused as a participant in the Oil-for-Food scandal, defends himself to a Senate sub-committee in a frank, un-censored, and beautifully eloquent way. 50-minute ram file, but WELL WORTH IT. It's nice to finally see neo-cons get smacked in the face.  
Via Metafilter. His opening statement begins around 6:12
United American Technologies, a "Christian-based phone carrier" based in Oklahoma, has a pretty good sales pitch. According to a story by John Avlon in today's New York Sun, the company describes itself as "the only carrier that is taking an active stand against same sex marriages and hardcore child pornography." Here, we pick up a taped telemarketing call after one potential customer asks if AT&T sponsors child pornography:  
Mr. Mirman: MCI has hardcore child pornography?  
United American Technologies: Yes, they are. They have a pedophile Web site for men who love boys. It's a Montréal based Web site....  
Mr. Mirman: And so MCI basically has a child pornography ring?  
United American Technologies: That's correct.  
Would be hysterical if it weren't so terrible. Oh hell... it's still hysterical. Title and link ripped from MeFi.
An extreme urban sport requiring no equipment or tools other than your own dexterity. "Spidermanning" is the best word I can think of for it, but the official term is "Parkour" (thanks arn). More on Parkour here on LF.  
I must admit it has a certain appeal, but that's probably because only an idiot would consider doing this.  
Thanks, zf. Opens to embedded wmv with music. NSF Anyone without adamantium knees
CORTEZ - While Micah Hinton aspires to be a heavy metal drummer, his real talent may be for engineering.  
The sophomore at Southwest Open School in Cortez demonstrated this recently when he built a model car powered by hydrogen and placed it on display in a gallery at the school.  
"When it's running, it's making water," Biard said. "When it's stopping, it's turning it back into hydrogen."  
As a result, the fuel source is never depleted, and the car never needs a fill-up.  
Link and title ripped from zf. Before calling "perpetual motion", make sure to notice the solar panel.
Meet Vince. Vince has an amazing power. Vince is a dog who's taken the act of territory-marking to a new acrobatic level. Btw, he's up for adoption.  
My girlfriend found this while looking on a pet adoption page. Hi-fuckin-larious!!!! Opens to MPG. Starts around 0:34 seconds.
[Video Link: 9MB Quicktime]  
Hello everyone, below you will find video from Monday's arrests at Tent University Santa Cruz. Hopefully this imagery will allow you to see the pain and violence that both the university and the police are willing to inflict upon the peaceful, non-violent, participants. If you don't know what TUSC is about, read the bottom of this page. This video was shot by Martin Shulman and edited into this rough state with the priority that getting it out there for people to see is the most important thing. I hope that you come and support us as we fight to express ourselves in an open, non-violent community of students, faculty, staff, and Santa Cruz citizens. The actions taken last night by the administration should not be allowed to go on without consequence and honest dialogue. Thank you and thanks to those who continue the struggle. We, the people, have the power.  
Apparently, they camped out at the base of the University from 9am until after curfew. The UC and police told them to leave and they refused. Eventually, the UC told the cops to let them camp. Still crazy though. Gotta love their Vulcan death grips.