Media Matters for America will document and correct conservative misinformation in each news cycle. Media Matters for America will monitor cable and broadcast news channels, print media and talk radio, as well as marginal, right-wing websites that often serve as original sources of misinformation for well-known conservative and mainstream media outlets.  
this site is not fighting fire with fire. it's fighting it with water. the best way to combat lies is truth.  
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Within this site you will find a wealth of information by and about England's crop circlemakers.
they have several projects running..check the seals if you want to be my fav;)  
check their counter..its funny  
"This is a photography and lifestyle site. It was entirely created by Louise Chin and Ignácio Aronovich.  
For us, photography is a way of expressing ourselves.  
We consider this site a chance to share our experience and photos, without external intervention."  
if you want to see beautiful women giving you the finger then click here (NSFW!)  
Though he has over 60 movie and over 80 TV guest appearance credits, Adam West will forever be Batman.  
I loved the Batman TV show as a kid, and I soft of rediscovered it after Adam's appearances on Conan. He would come on and give a halfhearted review of the latest Batman movie, and then insist that he should have been asked to play "Uncle Batman".  
Even if you think the show was awful, I'm sure you'll agree with two things:  
Julie Newmar was totally hot, and the show was way better than Batman and Robin.
Neil Gaiman . com
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very eye-friendly site..downloadable stuff, readings, news..and GALLERY  
here is his blog  
Over twenty years as a professional writer, Neil Gaiman has been one of the top writers in modern comics, and is now a best-selling novelist, whose most recent novel for adults, American Gods, was awarded the Hugo, Nebula, Bram Stoker, SFX and Locus awards, while his children's novel Coraline, has been, like American Gods, an international bestseller and an enormous critical success.
he is definitely the cinema guy of Russia  
Andrei Rublov, The Stalker, Ivan's Childhood  
stalker is the most surreal science fiction i have ever seen  
Rublov is about an iconmaker in the old times of the russian empire..amazing old movie  
Ivan's childhood is about russian afterwar  
many many movies he created..and a nice site collects all the infos about him
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Ever wonder how people figured out there used to be such things as dinosaurs? Curious about how scientists learned to reconstruct fossil skeletons? The knowledge we take for granted today was slow in coming, and along the way, scientists and scholars had some weird ideas.  
This Web site shows some of their mistakes, provides a timeline of events, gives biographies of a few of the people who have gotten us where we are today, and lists resources you can use to learn more.  
Also check out the Goof Gallery
Website without Words
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click on the bubbles and you get directed to the inner site  
nice stuff for the early mornings  
dont break the screen though
stuffs from people who actually lived at the given historical event..from the ancient to the present days..the simpliest way is to search the index and find your fav historical era and read eyewitness' testemonies  
Kublai khan in battle or soviets capture hitlers stuff..or just a simple train robbery from 1899:  
"As soon as we came to a standstill, Conductor Storey went forward to see what was the matter and saw several men with guns, one of whom shouted that they were going to blow up the train with dynamite. The conductor understood the situation at once and, before meeting the bandits turned and started back to warn the second section."  
all of these told by eyewtinesses..i guess iam going to love this site lol
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"Descendant of American painter James McNeill Whistler,Moser began painting under the instruction of Pop artist Robert Indiana. He attended the Tyler School of Fine Art in Philadelphia and the Croydon College of Art in London.  
In 1984, his first New York exhibition sold out before its official opening, creating an immediate waiting list for all future works. He currently resides in Santa Fe."  
Price List:  
1 Bound by a False Beast, oil on canvas, 32 x 70in. (81 x 178cm) $18,000.00  
2 Twins, oil on canvas, 36 x 70in. (92 x 178cm) $19,000.00  
3 Fall from Grace from Grace, oil on canvas, 58 x 76in. (147 x 193cm) $22,000.00  
4 Unknown Deity, oil on canvas, 41 x 63in. (104 x 160cm) $12,000.00  
5 Into the Fertile Void, oil on canvas, 65 x 72in. (165 x 183cm) Sold  
6 Voices, oil on canvas, 48 x 68in. (122 x 173cm) $21,000.00  
7 Distressed Head I, oil o canvas, 16 x 21in. (41 x 53cm) $9,000.00  
8 Distressed Head II, oil on canvas, 16 x 21in. (41 x 53cm) Sold  
nice stuffs - the Censored Library
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Website of the International Parliament of Writers.  
"On February 14, 1994, the fifth anniversary of the fatwa pronounced against Salman Rushdie, the organization established an executive board made up of seven members: Adonis, Breyten Breytenbach, Jacques Derrida, Edouard Glissant, Salman Rushdie, Christian Salmon and Pierre Bourdieu. Elected first president of the IPW, Salman Rushdie drafted a Declaration of independence, which served as the Parliament's charter."  
After it they created the Cities of Asylum network, any city which volunteers provides a "shelter" to the exiled writer, poet, gives him/her a safe place to live freely. Also comes with a citizenship.  
The website has loads of censored articles, professionally translated pieces written by the writers of this interesting parliaments members. (langs:english, french, spanish etc)  
The writings are about everything; cultures, dying languages, diaries, personal impressions formed into letters.  
They have newsletter. They dont spam you, i have known this site for more than 2 years.  
It has a nice look, easy navigation.  
I guess its worth a click
winged sandals
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Magical Flash tour of Greek gods, daring heroes, and fabulous monsters  
led by Hermes the messenger god.  
AIMIA Winner for Best eLearning and Best of the Web Awards 2003.  
Finalist Flash Forward Film Festival for Story category and People's Choice.  
Gabriel Garcia Marquez
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Gabriel García Márquez is a Colombian-born writer of astonishing skill, thought by many to be one of the world's greatest living authors. Considered one of the pioneers of the Latin American "boom," he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1982.

To read his work is to enter a world that is both enchanting in its beauty and haunting in its dreamy familiarity. The world of Gabo's fiction is a magical realm where the strange and exotic can suddenly become comfortably familiar, and the whole concept of an objective reality is put in question. Here, the borders between life and death swirl together in a gentle and mysterious twilight, and -- if we allow it to possess us -- love can strike flaming miracles from the ashes of our soul.