Now that the Bush administration, pursuing its "war against terrorism," has once again elevated Cuba into America's cross-hairs as a newly anointed member of the Axis of Evil, it seems like a good moment to consider the question of terrorism and Cuba. Noam Chomsky takes up this matter in his new book, 'Hegemony or Survival, America's Quest for Global Dominance', and a long, chilling excerpt from that book is included [in the link]. No one has written more powerfully or consistently on the subject of state violence and state terror or reminded us more powerfully or consistently that "terror" isn't primarily what small stateless bands of fanatics deliver to large and powerful states. History is, in a sense, a history of state terror and the United States has been a practitioner of the form, in the case of Cuba, as Chomsky shows, with unrelenting perseverance and relish for nearly half a century.
The largest protests in the United States since Bush declared an end to major combat operations in Iraq were held today (Oct 25th, 2003).  
Organized by ANSWER and United For Peace And Justice  
See pictures from San Fransisco and Washington DC here
List of some commonly used medicinal plants  
From a discussion about why the people on Survivor don't know more about plants and skills
Dr. Noam Chomsky's talk called "Controlling the Public Mind", taped March 1 1996, sponsored by the B.C. Federation of Labour and the Vancouver and District Labour Council.  
Over 1000 people came to hear Dr. Chomsky at the Hotel Vancouver on a cold rainy Sunday night. His flight from Boston was delayed and he didn't arrive till after 11 pm, for an event scheduled to begin at 7 pm. Nevertheless the room was full when he began speaking. Nearly everyone had waited over 4 hours to hear him.
These are all from Kollaboration it's an annual talent show involving youth who show off  
their talents for a good cause. Make sure you check out the one to the right with the guy in a red sweatshirt.
Propaganda Remix Project
A new spin on WWI and WWII American propaganda posters have been reworked into a satiric take on current events. Many of the messages have a decidely Orwellian-feel.  
These posters are from the book "You Back the Attack, We'll Bomb Who We Want" by former Army Ranger turned antiwar comic book artist Micah Ian Wright.  
After participating in the 1989 invasion of Panama, Wright had what he calls "a moment of clarity." He thought the media coverage was blatantly pro-war, but that the post-invasion results for Panama were far from positive. This is his belated warning against the war on Iraq.  
You can purchase any of the posters at this linked site. Also, you can read the author's (Wright) comments here:
Anastrophe is a weekly satrical web-zine from South Africa.

We comment on global and local news and culture by ridiculing, lampooning and ripping apart, but, if you're paying attention, you'll notice we're not completely sour. Good satire has positive messages and ours tend to be of peace and unity and all those cuddly rainbow nation things. Anastrophe is not a site for bitter ex-pats, it is not a cynical wasteland of aimless ranting. It is a positive democratic force. Or virus. Except the symptom is laughter rather than coughing or bleeding.

My immediate fav is the advice column by a certain Verona Vomét.

Fresh, original South African satire. Especially fresh on Fridays.

Halloween Recipes
A small but gruesome collection of Halloween recipes sure to delight and cause fright at your Halloween shindig.
Photos of completed food.
Totally Ween Tabs
Ween Guitar tabs, Ween articles, Ween pictures, etc.
The best source of off the wall films I've ever run across! This really is a great site...What kind of movie are you in the mood for?
Music Video

Or how about some underground music? or a screenplay? It's all here!

(another gem I robbed at Coolio's :P)

don't forget to bookmark it...

Searches the Deep Net... that 90% of the web not found by regular search engines like google. Unbiased to any fee-based keyword positioning/ fully customizable A definite must-check.
Pics Worth a Thousand Protests
"Activists around the world are relying on new technologies -- from hidden cameras to satellite communication -- to collect evidence of wrongdoing and promote their causes."

This article is chock-full of good links. Many you may be familiar with, some not. Images and video are a fantastic weapon of the "trodden on" to show people everywhere of government, corporate, and other wrongdoing in action. Additionally, some instances can be avoided as this adds a measure of accountability to the situations.

Also, some links may contain graphic images or footage such as death so NSFW.

The Revision Thing
A history of the Iraq war, told completely in lies.

All text is verbatim from senior Bush Administration officials and advisers. In places, tenses have been changed for clarity.

Kudos to Sam Smith for writing this. Fantasticly creative piece illustrates just how much Bush has lied to America.

A free site that presents primary sources (objects, letters, diaries, films and so forth) from American history, from Antebellum times to the 21st Century. This material is offered without commentary, leaving you to draw your own conclusions.

The section that first piqued my interest was Bugs Battles the Axis: WWII in Cartoons, which archives toons like Bugs Bunny Nips the Nips (.wmv) and The Ducktators (.wmv) -- but this is just the tip of the iceberg.

It's a fascinating approach, and there's a ton of material available -- everything from songs about A-bombs to interactive Civil War maps. Once you get rolling, it's easy to spend quite a bit of time poking around.

Find out what happens when Bob Kolody has his copyrighted images used by Coca-Cola without his permission. Bob and his attorney quickly uncover a tangled web of corrupt high-profile judges, lawyers, politicans and threats. Coke used every legal dirty trick they could to get Bob off their backs, a few lawyers even helped Bob by taking on his case free of charge.

This is a long, on-going story. But it's quite interesting if you like to read about corporate evil.