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This is a series of cartoons about a dead man who returns to life as a zombie, but retains his own mind and morals. With him is a little girl named Zoe who he must protect from the other, less intelligent undead.
Opera 9.0 Browser Released
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Opera 9 is now available for download! Take a look at the future of Web browsing with the new stuff in Opera 9, including: widgets, BitTorrent support, content blocking, tab preview, source viewer and much more.  
Here's the Changelog  
It now renders Deathburger's Greasefilter page properly, so despite fully passing the Acid2 test, they've added even more compatibility
Lifetime Savings
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How Much Can You Save in a Lifetime? Use this handy spreadsheet to calculate it.
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Welcome to BushTorrent.Com I'm the president of the United BitTorrents of America.  
This site was created by me to show you how smart I really am. I have the latest best torrents from any website I want. Since I own the Internet this was an easy thing to do.  
I have a great love of torrent technology, but like most Texans we have a hard time knowing how to use technology. BushTorrent.Com makes everyone an expert in no time. Heck, if I can do it any one can. Since you must be on a computer reading this you're halfway there to the best and funniest way to download torrents.  
I have made this site all about me. I wanted discussion forums so I can see what you all say about me - just kidding. I'll be writing a blog so you will know what is really going on in my life. I also have a section with my favourite downloads from all around the world in all different languages, including some in my language. Of course I will have my famous quotations and my special photo album just for your viewing.
Have you always wanted an HDTV Home Theater but couldn't afford it? You can build an HDTV projector that rivals units costing many thousands of dollars!  
Our free builder guide will get you started and our user forums will give you the critical support you need. Imagine a 120" HDTV screen in your living room. You can use it for Power Point presentations, video games (PlayStation 2, Xbox), DVD movies, HDTV and more.  
Building it yourself means you control the quality and the cost. I should warn you though - this can become a very addictive hobby
As the price of entry-level home theater projectors drops below $1,000, the price of professional quality projection screens has become increasingly objectionable for new home theater enthusiasts. Nobody who spends $1,000 for a projector is interested in spending another $500 to $1,500 for a screen. You can always use a white wall, but there is no frame, and walls usually have texture that shows up in the image. Not only that but the color of the white paint on the wall is rarely conducive to giving you good color balance.  
Thus, the creative ingenuity of thousands of home theater folks has been unleashed to invent new ways to create screens at a fraction of the price of products available from the major screen manufacturers. Most of these do-it-yourself screens don't perform as well as professional screens, and the few that do can be labor intensive projects that require second and third attempts to get it right. But in the end, the huge benefit is that the DIY screens save lots of money...
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The best comments ever seen on Slashdot
The OTR.Network is a new online resource for Old Time Radio (OTR) enthusiasts. We have over 11,000 OTR shows available for instant listening, and we add at least 100 more every week.  
Oh yeah, did we mention it's free?
Most people would find the picture of our universe as an infinite tower of tortoises rather ridiculous, but why do we think we know better? What do we know about the universe, and how do we know it? Where did the universe come from, and where is it going? Did the universe have a beginning, and if so, what happened before then? What is the nature of time? Will it ever come to an end? Can we go back in time? Recent breakthroughs in physics, made possible in part by fantastic new technologies, suggest answers to some of these longstanding questions. Someday these answers may seem as obvious to us as the earth orbiting the sun – or perhaps as ridiculous as a tower of tortoises. Only time (whatever that may be) will tell...
It appears that the company involved has perfected the process of generating the underwater carbon arc onboard the vehicle as it drives with some sort of durable method of creating the arc system onboard, generating the gas that appears to be COH2 and then drying it and processing it before entering the engine.  
Also a news story: http://www.ksbitv.com/home/2856476.html  
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Reflection.js 1.0 allows you to add reflections to images on your webpages. It uses unobtrusive javascript to keep your code clean.  
It works in all the major browsers - Internet Explorer 5.5+, Mozilla Firefox 1.5+, Opera 9+ and Safari. On older browsers, it'll degrade and your visitors won't notice a thing. Best of all, it's under 4KB.
CSS Love Child
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Take the look of one site and the content of the other.
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BuickStreet is a showcase of spectacular classic Buicks featuring fascinating owner stories, old road tests, links to other Buick websites, event coverage, Reader's Rides, technical information, opinions and much much more. Use the navigation menu on the left of every page to find your way around the site.  
Don't forget to allow pop-ups while visiting BuickStreet.com because if you click on some Buick photos they have zoom-in versions that open a new window. There are no pop-up ads on BuickStreet.
I have designed those circuits for my own hobby use and are presented here as is. I have tested the circuits presented in this page but there is no guarantee that the circuit descriptions and diagrams are entirely correct. I will try to correct all the error in the circuit diagrams when I or somebody else find those.  
* Audio circuits  
* Video circuits  
* Computer circuits  
* Data communication circuits  
* Light effects and controllers  
* Measuring equipments  
* Power supplies  
* Telephone circuits  
* Other circuits  
And more!
AbsurdlyCool Freebie Finder
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New site aggregates freebie links from around the web while removing scams and referral pyramids. Does this through an algorithm that verifies links across multiple sites. Scams tend to have unique IDs embedded in the links, while actual links usually don't. This heuristic seems to work very well at removing almost all scams.