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Stabris is Whitby's premiere experimental basement rock band.  
Stabris operates out of a dimly-lit but colourful basement. We want you to hear our music. We won't be upset if you don't like it.
Did you know coffee is the world's second most consumed beverage after water? And for many, espresso is the ultimate form of coffee preparation and expression. I was born and raised in Italy, its native land, surrounded by espresso's beautiful, intense, floral aroma in my home. I always loved it, so maybe I was destined to be a barista.  
But there is a problem I've noticed while travelling in the U.S. for the past few months. What is called espresso here sometimes really isn't espresso. More about that a little later.  
My family was deeply involved in coffee. My mother worked for 35 years at a coffee company (illy, in Trieste) bringing home coffee in different forms—green (raw), to be roasted and ground; already ground, to be used in the very Italian Moka pot; already brewed coffee, used in the hundreds of quality-control tests that were part of my mother's job. Meanwhile, my father worked for a milk company, coffee's ultimate partner.
Over the past ten years, I have found that kids will ask for anything they see on TV for Christmas. They are excited to open those gifts and then they lose interest. I tend to also get them something they would never think of themselves that I would enjoy myself, and those are the gifts that provide lasting memories. Trust your own instincts when buying gifts for children. The odds are, if it’s something you would play with, they will love it.
Open video panel at SXSW
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If you've got a spare moment, show my open video panel some love on the SXSW panel picker.
NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope has found evidence of a high-speed collision between two burgeoning planets around a young star.  
Astronomers say that two rocky bodies, one as least as big as our moon and the other at least as big as Mercury, slammed into each other within the last few thousand years or so — not long ago by cosmic standards. The impact destroyed the smaller body, vaporizing huge amounts of rock and flinging massive plumes of hot lava into space.
By day, I’m a corporate lawyer in New York and live in Brooklyn. In July 2008, I decided that my passion for food and cooking had officially graduated to foodie status because:  
1. I find my kitchen to be the most relaxing room in our house. Cooking helps me unwind after a long day - it’s slightly methodical and yet highly creative and open-ended…like high school chemistry meets arts and crafts in the cafeteria…without the hairnet.  
2. I get (oddly?) excited by specialty markets, Asian grocery stores and cookware stores. They each represent the endless possibilities of delicious things I can make and enjoy.  
3. Having been raised in a strictly vegetarian household, new vegetarian foods and techniques are exciting because its expands my belly’s realm of possibility. I also take a certain joy in discovering vegetarian/vegetarian friendly restauarants and knowing there’s more than one token vegetarian dish on the menu - the same goes for recipes in my kitchen.  
So with those realizations, my foodie status was confirmed and shortly thereafter, this blog was born.  
... gettin' hungry just by lookin' @ all those delicious dishes presented here
The Vanishing Point
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Michael Cook's website photographically explores the active and abandoned infrastructure -- below and above ground -- of Canada and northern New York state.
Natural England
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Natural England is working towards the delivery of four strategic outcomes, which together deliver on our purpose to conserve, enhance and manage the natural environment for the benefit of current and future generations:  
1. A healthy natural environment - England's natural environment will be conserved and enhanced.  
2. People are inspired to value and conserve the natural environment - more people inspired to enjoy, understand and act for the natural environment.  
3. Sustainable use of the natural environment - the use and management of the environment is more sustainable.  
4. A secure environmental future - decisions which collectively secure the future of the natural environment.
Living Wage Calculator
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In many American communities, families working in low-wage jobs make insufficient income to live locally given the local cost of living. Recently, in a number of high-cost communities, community organizers and citizens have successfully argued that the prevailing wage offered by the public sector and key businesses should reflect a wage rate required to meet minimum standards of living. Therefore we have developed a living wage calculator to estimate the cost of living in your community or region. The Calculator lists typical expenses, the living wage and typical wages in the location you have selected.
Food Porn Daily
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Click. Drool. Repeat.  
Brought to you by Amanda & Tyler from
What We're Eating and Nicole from Pinch My Salt.  
Our goal: To give you the most delicious food pic possible at least once a day, everyday... Coming soon: recipes, community contributions, and some fun surprises...  
For those who have had the good fortune to view our planet from space, they are struck by the overwhelming impression that ours is a blue planet. Indeed over 70% of our planet is covered by water giving our home this blue aura. On closer inspection, patches of emerald and aquamarine become apparent in the larger expanse of deep blue. These patches are in the shallow waters of the tropics, fringing islands and the edges of continents; or, in turn, encircled by the ring-like islands that we call atolls.  
Coming ever closer to Earth and approaching these oceanic jewels, a border of white is perceived which is revealed to be surf crashing against what appears to be a solid bastion of rock. Leaving our vantage point from above and diving into the sea, we discover that what we think is solid rock is in fact a living mass - a kaleidoscopic vision of color, shape, and life that is a coral reef.
Galleries of hundreds of photos, many offered as high resolution downloads, of coral reefs and their denizens.
England's Rock Art
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Amongst the outcrops and boulders of northern England keen eyes may spot an array of mysterious symbols carved into the rock surfaces. These curious marks vary from simple, circular hollows known as 'cups' to more complex patterns with cups, rings, and intertwining grooves. Many are in spectacular, elevated locations with extensive views but some are also found on monuments such as standing stones and stone circles, or within burial mounds. The carvings were made by Neolithic and Early Bronze Age people between 3500 and 6000 years ago. The original meaning of the symbols is now lost but they provide a unique personal link with our prehistoric ancestors.  
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For us Southwesterners.... A great brief intro to harvesting and using mesquite tree pods for food. And this year promises a bumper crop!  
With local food activists encouraging us to rediscover the foods that grow all around us, it’s time to experiment with mesquite. Although mesquite flour (also called mesquite meal) is available commercially, it’s a fun and only slightly tricky project to produce it at home.
The website of Animation World Television.  
Short animated movies by dozens of artists.
The typewriter is one of the great inventions of 19th-century communications technology. Between the 1860s and 1920s engineers, inventors and even carpenters invested all their creativity in the development of the ultimate writing machine. This virtual museum, that is based on private collections of antique typewriters from around the world, is a tribute to their ingenuity.  
Edited and published by Paul Robert.  
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