What's running on your PC?
Need to know what that process is that's eating up your processor cycles? This site lets you browse by name to find out what it is and if you need it.
Swarm shows you what websites people are visiting, right now.  
Swarm is a graphical map of hundreds of websites, all connecting to each other. It updates itself every second with where people are going and coming from. As sites become more popular, they move towards the center of the swarm and grow larger. Conversely, sites that lose traffic move away from the center and grow smaller.  
MediaCoder is a free universal audio/video batch transcoder, putting together lots of excellent audio/video codecs and tools from the open source community into an all-in-one solution, capable of transcoding among different audio/video formats with many extra features.  
Feature Highlights:  
* Directly transcode among MANY audio and video compression formats and mux in various container formats, on the fly, in batches  
* No need to install any media player or codecs package  
* No need to register any components into your system  
* Native Win32 program built on Win32 SDK, efficient and small, no dependencies on any middle layers (e.g. .NET, JAVA etc. )  
Typical Applications:  
* Improving compression / reducing file size  
* Converting from lossless/high-bitrate audio to low-bitrate audio to play with portable DAP  
* Converting to device (mobile phone, PDA, MP4 player, PSP, VCD/DVD player)  
* Extracting audio tracks from video clips  
* Ripping CD/VCD/DVD
The Great Cornholio
Welcome to my little service exit off of the Information Superhighway!  
You have wandered dangerously into the realm of one Greg Gowins! I've staked my claim to this little spot of cyberspace since late 1997. It's become an eclectic mix of different things I've done. I hope you like the new format I have introduced!  
What you will find:  
• Cornholio sounds and pictures  
• European trips and diary  
• Find out about the Whitewater Rafting Kamakazies  
• Learn about the quasi-annual New Mexico camping trips  
• See what happens when you get techies drunk at conferences
Spanish Cognates
Spanish cognates are an integral part of developing a person's Spanish vocabulary. If you are an English speaker you are fortunate in that much of the English language is comprised from numerous languages. Therefore, many words in Spanish resemble words in English and if studied should provide the Spanish student a quick source of building a strong Spanish vocabulary.  
Learn a hundred or so Spanish words and not even realize it!
Swing your little, one-legged robot over thousands of deadly spikes.
Recently, writer Bill McKibben issued a call for artists to grapple with the epoch-making topic of global warming. "If the scientists are right," he wrote, "we're living through the biggest thing that's happened since human civilization emerged." In order to wrap our minds around the enormity, he said, we must engage our most creative and dramatic sensibilities. We must create art.
A new book says that if middle-class mothers are sleep-deprived, angry, exhausted and unhappy, it's a consequence of their foolish demand for self-fulfillment.
This site has the actual text of 48 of the best poems ever.
You can't go wrong when you make room for more healthy foods in your diet ...these are foods that have a great taste and are good for you. Adding them to your daily routine is a great idea, whether you want to get in shape for the summer swimsuit season, to lose weight or just get a little bit healthier. Of course, these aren't all of the best foods you can eat (that list would be too long), but it's a great place to start...  
By Nicole Weston.  
[cc: health, blogs & zines]
USA Mile by Mile
This is a really neat site, it has mile by mile area descriptions along many state roads and highways and it has pictures too! so you can see what an area is like.
Cleaning a Firefox Profile
I occasionally like to clean my Firefox profile. I test quite a few extensions, and play around a bit, so every once in a while, I just want to clean up. This method has worked rather well for me over the years... I thought I’d share what I do, and why I do it, in hopes that perhaps someone else would benefit.  
These directions were drafted with Firefox 1.5 as a reference point...
By Robert Accettura.
Coffee made out green, unroasted coffee beans promotes weight loss, according to a new study on compounds that are naturally present in the beans. The discovery mirrors earlier research on green tea, which was found to slightly increase metabolism and to speed up the body's ability to burn fat. Green coffee appears to have a more potent effect.  
"If a human consumes one kilogram per day of food (2.2 pounds) containing 10 grams (.35 ounce) of green coffee bean extract for 14 days, the increase in body weight may be suppressed by 35 percent," said lead author Hiroshi Shimoda.
"Like the 309," the last song written by Johnny Cash before his death, will be included on "American V: A Hundred Highways."  
Due July 4 via American Recordings/Lost Highway, the album was recorded with producer Rick Rubin in the months leading up to Cash's September 2003 passing.  
"These songs are Johnny's final statement," Rubin said in a statement. "They are the truest reflection of the music that was central to his life at the time. This is the music that Johnny wanted us to hear."  
A song utilizing one of Cash's favorite subjects, trains, "Like the 309" is one of two original songs on the disc. The other, "I Came to Believe," was written and recorded earlier in his career about addiction and salvation through a higher power...
LyricWiki is a free site which is a single source where anyone can go to get reliable lyrics for any song from any artist without being hammered by invasive ads.  
Poke around, and if you see somewhere you can help, please chip in to add to the more than 200,000 songs on our site!