OneUp was started in 2002 by Dale North and Mustin to arrange video game music with a new flavour and then license and sell those arrangements on CD. Since its inception, Mustin has acquired sole ownership of the company, and OUS is still changing the minds of game music naysayers all over the world.  
Video Game Music is a medium that encompasses nearly all styles/genres of music. So, within VGM, we are able to pick songs we love from nearly any genre and arrange them in any style we choose. We grew up with games and Game Music has found a permanent place in our hearts and ears. And it's only getting better. We want to show people that the "bloops and bleeps" reputation of Video Game Music is outdated. Game Music is indeed "Real Music," and we work every day to help prove it to the world.  
REALLY high quality arrangements of video game music, legally licensed from the original composers and sold on CD. There are three CDs currently available - check the Albums page for samples. Record label of The OneUps, which I'm a member of.  
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The OneUps is a band that plays video game music. If you think that's weird, you've come to the right place. Video game music isn't your older brother's "bloops" and "bleeps" anymore. That's something this band aims to prove with their arrangements varying in musical styles from Rock to Bluegrass, from Death Metal to Funk - The OneUps do it all. Our first album, The OneUps Volume 1, is available now from our Albums page. But don't miss our live show featuring non-stop hours of music from the likes of Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, Chrono Trigger, Blaster Master, Dr. Mario, Mega Man X, and so much more. Poke around the site and see who we are and why we do what we do.  
Fayetteville, Arkansas based cover band performing strictly video game music. Mostly they play funk and jazz, but they branch out to a lot of genres. Their first CD is out and you can check it out here (with samples) or download the band's other free songs on the music page.  
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