Absolutely a wealth of information.  
Example: 60 minute compilation of the WW2 films of the concentration camps.  
They could have used a better menu but the films are great.
Linux By Examples
The idea of showing gnu/linux/unix commands by using examples is to guide new users to have better understanding of the basic usage of a command and adapt to use it instantly. We are always [recommending] users...try out the command for more capabilities by going through the manuals. But usually a useful command comes with a very technical and complete manual, and these manuals sometime scares a new user away. It is because they couldn’t find a simple example just to try it out...Manuals are meant for reference, examples are meant for learning...  
[cc: blogs & zines]
Swivel is a place where curious people explore data — all kinds of data.  
Swivel lets you explore data and share your insights with others. Swivel has data about politics, economics, weather, sports, business and more.  
If you're curious about data, Swivel is the place for you.  
Kind of like YouTube for random graphs/data
Find discount coupon codes for online stores  
From the folks who brought you Bugmenot
The Baen Free Library
More great free sci-fi e-books than you can shake a stick at. I've been downloading these to my phone and reading them everywhere, it is crazy how much really good free sci-fi they have. Highly recommended if you're into it.  
Microsoft has over 150 FREE Windows & Office Programs available for download -- finding them all is extremely difficult. Until now, thanks to the Road to Know Where!  
TONS of utilities and applications by Microsoft to help you Windows folk out. Powertoys, security, support, and games.
Media-Convert is a free online service that will convert audio, video, and text files for you, from and to virtually any kind of format.  
All you need to do is figure out where the file is resting on your machine and what format you want it converted to (Media-Convert automatically detects what kind of format the file is in). For instance, maybe you need to switch an Access database over to an Excel spreadsheet - you can do that here. Converted files show up in a couple of different formats: URL, zipped, mobile, or downloadable from the site itself.  
Atheists are often asked, "If you don't believe in God, why do you care about religion?" This is one atheist's answer to that very question...  
(Flash, 5:00)
Sure, even coming up with 20 zombie movies is as hard as coming up with the 20 Best, but this collection of a score of undead classics would make for one kickass boxed set of flesh eating goodness. I've managed to find YouTube links for all but a couple of the films, so enjoy, but be warned that some of the clips are rather loud and may contain excessive gore, so due to their extreme nature, nobody will be allowed on this website during the last 20 minutes of this article...  
By Robert Berry at retroCRUSH.
Gocco Tutorial
A little search and this link from MakeZine provides a Tutorial that does a thorough job of explaining what "print gocco" is and how it works.
Here is a collection of vintage cartoons that have been banned from mainstream broadcast and distribution. We have compiled this collection for historical and educational / archival purposes and to preserve some of the lost art of great animators and musical performers in entertainment history.
I Ate A Pie.net
This project is the brainchild of Tanya Taylor, a PhD candidate in Food Science and Nutrition at Auburn University, Alabama, USA. She is the editor-in-chief, webmaster, site designer and main reviewer - or as we say in Jamaica, "head cook and bottle washer."  
Iateapie.net aims to provide reviews of foods commonly eaten by dieters, and that means people who want to lose weight, people with health problems who need to be careful about what they eat such as diabetics, health nuts and just about anybody that is aiming to make a lifestyle change. Started in October 2004, this is an ever growing and evolving project, with over 200 products reviewed as of January 2006. Information provided on this website represents our opinions. This is of course a subjective thing, and we expect different people to have varying views. We welcome you to share yours through comments, or by submitting your own review of that or any other product.
Nine-hundred-fifty guitar tabs in plain text format...  
This page is primarily for classical music played on a standard nylon acoustic classical guitar...  
A downloadable zip file is available (3MB) of the whole site (including all the tabs and MIDI files)...
The Windows command line is a mainstay for systems administrators and power users but is relatively unknown to many PC users. The purpose of this site is to make the power and utility of the command line more familiar to a wider community of computer users. Also under-appreciated are the related resources of batch files and scripts and these will be discussed as well...  
By Victor Laurie.
25 Uses for your Old PC
If you have just bought yourself a replacement computer and find yourself with a spare heap of hardware in the house, what are your options?  
It's tempting to get rid of the original PC once and for all but, on the other hand, it served you well once and surely you can find a productive use for it now. Then again, having just splashed out on your new kit, you're probably not inclined to pay out more to upgrade your old one.  
Allow us to help. Here we suggest no fewer than 25 sensible things to do with a redundant computer. A few require a little technical expertise, several are absolutely free and others will set you back a few quid, but all of them are better than simply throwing that PC away.