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SkyTruth promotes environmental awareness and protection with remote sensing and digital mapping technology. We provide stunning images backed by scientifically robust information about our changing environment to stimulate changes in habitat protection, biodiversity conservation, and sustainable resource management. We design and conduct our projects in close partnership with environmental groups, local planners and resource managers to complement their work on a broad spectrum of environmental issues.  
>>> Hurricane Katrina Aftermath:  
Satellite images and air photos are beginning to reveal the extent of damage suffered by oil and gas infrastructure in the Gulf of Mexico. Extensive oil slicks are clearly visible covering a wide area within the swath impacted by hurricane-force winds. Some of these spills are emanating directly from oil platforms; others indicate damage to oil pipelines on the seafloor. direc.tor
Posted by Mac in the wired 14 years ago direc.tor is a prototype for an alternative web-based rich UI for  
It leverages the XML and XSL services of modern browsers to deliver a responsive interface for managing user accounts with a large number of records.  
The main features are:  
-In-browser handling of bookmarks (tested up to 12,000 records)  
-Find-as-you-type searching of all your bookmarks, with basic search operators  
-Sort by description, tags, or timestamp  
-Ad-hoc tag browser  
FlashCard Exchange
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Flashcards are study tools. Think of a small 3×5 index card with a question on one side and an answer on the other side.  
Flashcard exchange is an internet application where you can create, study, print and download flashcards.  
The world's largest flashcard library with over 2,095,787 Flashcards on file in many languages and topics.
Giant wire spheres may one day float near Earth, scooping up bits of antimatter for humans to use as space fuel.  
The far-fetched idea is one of 12 recently selected to each receive up to $75,000 from the NASA Institute for Advanced Concepts.  
Antimatter has been produced in limited quantities in labs, and it forms naturally in the solar system when charged particles from space, called cosmic rays, slam into charged particles which stream from the Sun. Several of the funded proposals aim to collect this nearby antimatter so it could later be mixed with matter to propel spacecraft out of the solar system by utilizing a solar sail.  
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Antimatter captured for the first time
People who drink diet soft drinks don't lose weight. In fact, they gain weight, a new study shows.  
The findings come from eight years of data collected by Sharon P. Fowler, MPH, and colleagues at the University of Texas Health Science Center, San Antonio. Fowler reported the data at the annual meeting of the American Diabetes Association in San Diego.  
"What didn't surprise us was that total soft drink use was linked to overweight and obesity," Fowler tells WebMD. "What was surprising was when we looked at people only drinking diet soft drinks, their risk of obesity was even higher."  
In fact, when the researchers took a closer look at their data, they found that nearly all the obesity risk from soft drinks came from diet sodas.  
"There was a 41% increase in risk of being overweight for every can or bottle of diet soft drink a person consumes each day," Fowler says.
Scientists have produced the first direct evidence that fat accelerates aging, possibly speeding the unraveling of crucial genetic structures inside cells that wither with age.  
A team of researchers from the United States and Britain found that the more a person weighs, the older their cells appear on a molecular level, with obesity adding the equivalent of nearly nine years of age to a person's body.  
The findings suggest that many health problems associated with being overweight -- heart disease, cancer, diabetes, arthritis -- may result from fat cells hastening the natural aging process.
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So you think you have the Web all figured out? Well, think again.  
Did you know that you could charter a private jet online, star in your own reality TV show, or download songs as you drive your car? That's just the beginning. You can tell your boss a few unpleasant truths without revealing your identity and sniff out trends before your oh-so-hip friends get wind of them. Using the right sites, you can give Google a face-lift, promote your products or bloviate about your blog, publish a novel, write a business plan, scan your PC for spies, and get free tech help. You can even use the Web to uncover government secrets and to predict your own demise. (Those last two activities will be unrelated, we hope.) Best of all, most of these sites won't charge you a dime.  
Here are some of the more surprising things the Web can do for you.
Posted by LinusMines in the wired 14 years ago interface to a large database of acronyms found on the Internet using proprietary algorithms.  
Multilingual; indexed by acronym and incorporated words. Currently contains over 466,000 acronyms and abbreviations.
How to Steal JavaScript
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As Stewart Brand famously said, "Information wants to be free." And while generic human greed generally stands in the way of gratis info, JavaScript is a happy exception. The JavaScript code you covet on other people's pages is, in most cases, yours for the taking.  
The trouble is, you can't just grab someone else's code, drop it into your Web page, and have it work. You actually have to learn JavaScript, even just the basics. Otherwise you may have trouble making that neat rollover or form checker function the way it should on your own page.  
That's where this article comes in. I'll give you just enough JavaScript know-how (and not one bit more) to effectively steal code and still adhere to the first great virtue of the programmer: laziness. By the time you finish with this lesson, you should be able to take someone else's code and use it for your own unique purposes. was founded to provide users with all of their favorite, most reliable, hosting services at the tip of their fingers. Now instead of having to visit each site to upload different types of files, you can use for your all in one needs! We hope this service helps you out - we have worked hard to put it together. Oh and dont forget, support your favorite hosts! Donate! Free webhosting isnt a cheap business, all hosts could use the extra cash for new servers, bandwidth, and providing you with better service!
The art of the short story is gone now, but at it's zenith science fiction captured the form and many a writer cut their teeth on stories written for magazines like GALAXY.  
Authors like Arthur C. Clark, Ray Bradbury, Phillip K. Dick crafted stories that often became radio shows that to this day still hold up. Sometimes the concepts on these shows were so imaginative, you have to ask if we haven't dumbed down over the years.  
This station presents those science fiction shows all day and night. Enjoy.
The Registry Guide for Windows, formerly, provides an extensive range of registry tweaks, tricks & hacks for optimizing, enhancing and securing the Windows XP, 2000, NT, 98, 95 and Windows Me operating systems. Get started with our registry insight or by exploring the categorized tweaks
Google Webaccelerator
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Google Web Accelerator is an application that uses the power of Google's global computer network to make web pages load faster. Google Web Accelerator is easy to use; all you have to do is download and install it, and from then on many web pages will automatically load faster than before.  
Google Web Accelerator uses various strategies to make your web pages load faster, including:  
-Sending your page requests through Google machines dedicated to handling Google Web Accelerator traffic.  
-Storing copies of frequently looked at pages to make them quickly accessible.  
-Downloading only the updates if a web page has changed slightly since you last viewed it.  
-Prefetching certain pages onto your computer in advance.  
-Managing your Internet connection to reduce delays.  
-Compressing data before sending it to your computer.  
Works with Firefox and IE
The Segway Skateboard
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This is pretty much exactly what it sounds like - a two wheeled skateboard that balances itself. It looks like a lot of fun and it can turn on a dime.  
videos of it in action at bottom of page
Have you ever forgotten the password for one of your computers? Chances are, everyone reading this article has lost their password once, if not many times. It's very frustrating isn't it? I couldn't agree more. Well thankfully, if you've lost the password to one of your computers that's running Windows XP, 2000, or NT, it won't be too hard to retrieve it.  
Actually, it's so simply to hack the Windows XP password it's sometimes scary. In short, all the hacker needs to do is slip a Linux CD into your computer, load and run a program called SamInside, and wait as SamInside decodes one system file that can easily be found in the windows folder - leaving absolutely no tracks for you to find.