Dean Ween:

"My roadie told me that Carlos Santana’s equipment (including his guitars) had arrived via a trucking company that night at their depot. Carlos was recording an appearance on “Good Morning America” the next morning and his equipment was to be delivered to the set in NYC in a few hours."

What follows is kind of bonkers.

"His final albums were a glance back and a new excursion. “The Next Day,” released in 2013, returned to something like the glam-rock sound of his 1970s guitar bands, for new songs suffused with bitter thoughts of mortality. And “Blackstar,” released two days before his death, had him backed by a volatile jazz-based quartet, in songs that contemplated fame, spirituality, lust, death and, as always, startling transformations."

Watch a fitting song and video, released just last week. Reminisce about the past some other time. Even in death, Bowie is living in the now.

I have always thought that the Challenger astronauts died because of the explosion. I was wrong.

[Challenger day]
Roland, court minstrel to 12th century English king Henry II, probably had many talents.  
But history has recorded only one.  
Referred to variously Rowland le Sarcere, Roland le Fartere, Roland le Petour, and Roland the Farter, Roland really had one job in the court: Every Christmas, during the court’s riotous pageant, he performed a dance that ended with “one jump, one whistle, and one fart”, executed simultaneously.  
For this, Roland was gifted a manor house in Hemingstone, Suffolk, and more than 100 acres of land. For farting on cue.

"As national attention focuses on Flint, Mich. — where lead-contaminated water flowed for over a year to a relatively poor, minority community — new research suggests that across the U.S., communities like these are more likely to be exposed to some of the most intense pollution."

Link to the original study. here.

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My job as a translator is to take all that context and language and reshape it into something that reads as if it was originally written in English. The Japanese script is my raw material. Along with translating the words on the page, I add context and create bridge sentences that might not have been in the original. I fill in gaps that would have been apparent to Japanese readers. And sometimes I rewrite things entirely.
Everything Is Terrible
EIT is a group dedicated to editing found footage, industrial training videos, home movies, Christian entertainment, and generally anything that was ever published on VHS. They have an incredible backlog going back years worth of posts, and the core editors take great care into editing VHS the old-fashioned way, allowing for wonderous abominations (Commodore Gilgamesh is my GOAT). While their current homepage does not make it easy to find the classics, I beseech thee to use the "search tags" function at the top. Christian, Dance, and Psalty are good baselines, just let your fingers do the walking from there.  
I literally cannot recommend this site any harder.
Fortunately, [EHS] is not as dangerous as it sounds.  
But it is a real condition, and researchers are finally beginning to seriously investigate the rare and little-understood sleep disorder.
[the return of makes *my* head explode]
Lemmy Kilmister, founding member and frontman of Motörhead. has died. He was 70 years old.  
News of his death was first reported by radio and TV host Eddie Trunk, who was a longtime friend of Lemmy. Several others have since confirmed the news, including Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne, who wrote on Twitter, “Lost one of my best friends, Lemmy, today. He will be sadly missed. He was a warrior and a legend. I will see you on the other side.”

...1080plus is an interactive simulcasting platform which allows you to watch your favourite Youtube videos in real time with your friends and family as well as other people from around the world...right now you could visit the site, enter the global chatroom and select people that are simulcast broadcasting so that you could view and watch with them what they are watching. You could also go to the control panel and turn on simulcast broadcasting yourself to become a video DJ entertaining your watchers. (source: Patreon)

Imagine a retrograde version of a 21st-century social music site (or better yet, the LF chatter designed for the space-age future of the 1990s).

Hat tip to Andy Baio for bringing this brilliant beast to my attention.

"This is an actual watch, with a tourbillon, that is almost entirely 3D printed. Think about it: the tourbillon – a 200+ year old invention designed by one of the greatest watchmakers to ever live, which for most of its history has been practically synonymous with hand-craftsmanship and high end watchmaking, has been produced in a working watch with a 3D printer."

What is online community? How has it evolved since the days of the electronic Bulletin Board through blogs, social media and online game? How will on evolve over the next 20 years with the evolution of social technology, mobile and wearable technology, augmented reality, big data, machine learning? What impact do online communities have on real-world communities? on buying behaviour? on politics and governance? How will the evolution of community impact our economy, democracy, the arts, and on consciousness itself?
SOS Beagle Rescue NJ
The SOS (Save Our Snoopies) Beagle Rescue is a non-profit organization dedicated to saving the lives of beagles by sheltering homeless or abandoned dogs and adopting them to loving homes.  
[Saw a truck with this on it. Decided it needed a share.]
The Rogue Not Taken
The Scandal & Scoundrel series, is best described as "Old School TMZ" -- essentially, Modern celebrity gossip with a pre-Victorian twist. The first book, The Rogue Not Taken, which the author lovingly refers to as "Romancing the Stone with fewer crocodiles and more Kardashian sisters," drops today.  
#romance novels

From the article: "One of the gifts of being a writer is that it gives you an excuse to do things, to go places and explore. Another is that writing motivates you to look closely at life, at life as it lurches by and tramps around."

Ann Lamott is one of the best writers writing about writing. A good read and it might inspire you to pick up her book Bird by Bird.