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Anywhere but Medium

When you give in to the default, and just go ahead and post to Medium, you're stifling the open web. Not giving it a chance to work its magic, which depends on diversity, not monoculture.

The Quintessential Man

From the site:

Our mission is simple. Inspire men around the world to invest in themselves and join us in our Pursuit of the Quintessential Man. A Man who thinks beyond conventional wisdom, constantly tries to evolve himself and actively pursues Greatness and an Abundant Lifestyle.

More personal development and balanced than The Art of Manliness but less political than The Good Man Project. Though they tend to plug a book they did a lot, but otherwise pretty interesting.

I was a kid of the 1980s. I was a SF/Fantasy loving kid who ate up movies and books with the full glee of a kid creating their pop culture references for the first time. I was there to watch Elliot lay a trail of Reeses Pieces for E.T. I was there to sob as Artax was swallowed in the pits of Despair. It was Inigo Montoya I invoked whenever I picked up a toy sword. I watched The Navigator, Explorers, Legend, the Dark Crystal, Ghostbusters . . . the list goes on. And then there was Labyrinth (1986).